September 8, 2022

Middle School students have physical education classes each day at TDS. Under the leadership of Coach Morrison, students develop athletic skills, play games focusing on teamwork and problem-solving, and build their physical fitness. To that end, Wednesdays are running days — either the mile or the pacer — and Coach M charts their progress.

We have some fit, fast students at TDS. Yesterday, our middle schoolers ran their first timed mile. The grade-level leaders are:

  • 8th grade: Irena R. (6:10), Wills M. (6:13), Jack S. (6:13), Taite K. (6:13)
  • 7th grade: Zoe C. (7:40), Grant B. (5:55), Josh D. (5:58)
  • 6th grade: Tejal V. (7:20), Patrick D. (6:01), Elijah S. (6:05)

Additionally, eleven other students broke the 7-minute mile mark, including Dominick B. (6:10), Joseph S. (6:15), Tyler F. (6:18), Lewis S. (6:20), Jasper C. (6:37), Katherine P. (6:40), Jack Y. (6:40), Thomas D. (6:40), Sohan S. (6:48), Matt B. (6:55), and James F. (6:55).

To add some perspective, I have a vivid memory of lining up next to my sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Murray, to await the start of the Apple Pie Invitational in the spring of 1984. Mr. Murray had proclaimed that any sixth grader who beat him in the two-mile race would enjoy no homework for one month! My plan was simple: stay right on his heels until the end, then sprint in front. I didn’t account for his long legs and superior conditioning. The plan lasted one hundred yards, after which I collapsed and walked the rest of the race with my mom. I think Mr. Murray’s pace was in the 6:30 range. He would not be able to make his no-homework proclamation at TDS in 2022!

Looking ahead six weeks, the entire TDS community will have the opportunity to gather for a morning of exercise and fun. Calling all runners and walkers: I hope to see you on campus on Saturday, October 22nd for our 5K run or 1-mile fun run through American Village, along with our 100-yard dash across the soccer field for each Lower School grade.

The TDS Twister Trot, formerly Marcy’s Run, is a race to honor the courage and strength of our community. Marcy Speer was a dedicated wife, mother, and world-renowned geneticist at Duke University who lost her battle with cancer in 2006. At the time, Marcy’s Run was created as a way to honor her memory — as well as her contributions to the TDS community — and to support science education. Sadly, in the years since the race began, the TDS community has had many other families affected by cancer. With the blessing of the Speer family, the race took on a new name a few years ago. The Twister Trot honors all families who have been, or currently are being, affected by this terrible disease, and we invite all of our racers to honor a friend or family member impacted by cancer at this event.

Finally, my annual challenge for TDS students (not alums!), which has lightened my wallet in recent years: all boys who cross the 5K finish line ahead of me, and all girls who finish the 5K ahead of Coach Morrison, will earn an all-you-can-eat lunch! Please consider joining us for this fun-filled morning at TDS. Register today!

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