September 2, 2022

Effective parent-teacher communication can be challenging, especially if one or both parties don’t put enough effort into the child’s learning. As much time as teachers spend with the students attending the school, the parents also play a crucial role in their kids’ learning progress.

Effective communication from teachers to parents allows for a bridge to better parent engagement and ultimately results in a better involvement in their kids’ educational lives. Teachers who display this quality of communication make parents feel more uncomfortable about reaching out to them when there is an issue.

Triangle Day School helps parents and teachers establish the first connection, allowing them to work together to help students achieve their academic potential. 

What is Parent-Teacher Communication?

Beginning each new school year, our staff understands that parent-teacher communication is vital and should continue throughout their academic career. Introductions between parents, teachers, and administrators help establish strong bridges of contact to help students reach their academic potential throughout the school year.

Parent-teacher communication occurs in person, typically through parent-teacher meetings/conferences, during drop-off or pick-up times, or when visiting the students’ homes to talk to their parents. Teachers can contact parents via phone or email to update them on their kid’s learning processes and other achievements.

Parents know if their kids struggle with certain subjects or exhibit behavioral problems that may impact their academic lives. Our team at TDS strives to provide each student with a high-quality education and a support system while keeping parents in the loop on their kid’s academic progress.

Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication

By understanding the benefits of constructive parent-teacher communication, parents will be able to appreciate the importance of having an open channel. The progress both parties obtain from effective communication is worth it.

Effective parent-teacher communication helps parents better understand their children’s needs, increasing their chances of success in school. Below are some additional reasons why having good parent-teacher communication is essential:

  • It enhances the partnership between parents and teachers
  • It connects parents to their children’s schools
  • It allows parents an opportunity to volunteer in school activities
  • It increases the student’s performance
  • It fosters trust between parents and teachers
  • It fosters interdependence between parents and teachers
  • It makes the child feel confident since they know their parents and teachers are looking out for them

These reasons provide reasonable grounds for establishing effective parent-teach­er communication; however, it is even more critical for the benefit of the person they are conversing about: the student.

Building Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships

Maintaining a healthy parent-teacher relationship is one of the most effective ways of equipping students for academic success. But this relationship goes far beyond the student level. It is the first step toward establishing long-term parent engagement in their kids’ academic lives. Parents and teachers are more likely to trust and appreciate each other’s involvement and impact.

All our students at TDS benefit from supportive teachers and constant communication from their parents to give them a dynamic academic experience. We encourage our students to be who they are, while discovering who they can be by unlocking their true academic potential.

Using the Parent Square App

Technology-based communication is the “new frontier” that many schools are adapting to engage more with parents and establish strong communications with teachers. And because it is constantly changing with so many outlets, teachers and parents have many more avenues of communicating and keeping up to date with the student’s academic progress.

Our Parent Square app works on Android and iOS operating systems and is designed as a communication hub with an interface similar to a Facebook feed. We strive to keep parents updated on their kids’ academic progress and interactions with other students using the latest tech-based communication systems.

Triangle Day School uses three main communication ports, with the main one being the Parent Square app for communication and events. We also communicate via the Family Portal and the FACTS page, where parents can access their kids’ grades, report cards, and attendance.

Our primary objective is to streamline teacher communication with parents without blowing up their inboxes. The Parent Square App allows parents to set message delivery preferences and choose the best times to receive school updates on their kids’ progress in school.

Implement Parent Square for Your Child’s Well-Being Today

Most parents struggle to figure out what’s best for their children, especially things involving their educational lives. The Parent Square app helps make communication more effective and easier for parents and teachers as both parties become more involved in determining the child’s educational welfare.

A good parent-teacher relationship is a top factor in establishing positive student outcomes. Together, parents and teachers can ensure all students get the best out of the resources available at home and school. Check out our admission process in Durham, NC, or apply for a slot today.

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