The Excellence Moving Forward Campaign is a fundraising effort to support the construction of a new Middle School campus, as well as the renovation of existing spaces.

A gift to the Excellence Moving Forward Capital Campaign will elevate the learning environment for all of our students.

Donations can be made as a one-time gift or pledged over a period of up to five years.

New Middle School Campus

Construction siteConstruction plan

Naming Opportunities

A chance for donors to be permanently recognized on our campus.

We encourage donors to take advantage of these naming rights, either through an outright gift or through one that is pledged over five years. You may also choose to pay tribute to a family, faculty, or staff member through a naming opportunity.

New Construction:
Middle School Building $500,000
Commons $100,000
Foyer $75,000
New Classrooms $50,000

Main Campus Updates

Naming Opportunities

The Excellence Moving Forward Campaign will result in an array of new and improved spaces, in addition to the new Middle School campus.

Gymnasium $250,000
Main Building $250,000
Classrooms $25,000

Capital Campaign FAQs

The project is currently in the final phases of permitting. While construction timelines can be difficult to pin down, our hope is to be able to move into the new building in Fall 2024.

After reviewing three proposals and interviewing three teams from various Triangle based firms, we have partnered with CIC Construction Group.

Al Myers will provide the on-site leadership and field execution for this project. Al has a longstanding history with Triangle Day School as a parent, grandparent, volunteer, and advocate. Most notably, he led the construction of the Hardin Academic Center five years ago. This project was on-time, on-budget, and on-point with our needs and expectations.

The building will be 14,300 SF. (For comparison, the HAC is 12,000 SF.) The building will contain ten classrooms, a large Commons, a smaller common space, as well as four offices/small group & tutoring spaces.

The new middle school will be located in the undeveloped land to the left of the baseball field (as you’re standing in the parking lot facing the field). Approximately half of this land is being developed during this project, so there will still be plenty of trees surrounding the building and playground.

The short answer is – minimally.

The sports fields will remain untouched. The parking lot will contain approximately the same number of spaces after construction is complete. The project will also include an entrance/exit onto Bennett Memorial Road. This entrance will be used by families dropping off their MS children. Families with children in both divisions will likely have two drop-offs. Regarding pick-up, we are still sorting through the options.

Not at this time. We continue to focus on providing excellence in education for grades TK- 8, and, in doing so, preparing our graduates to thrive in the variety of high school options that exist in the Triangle.

These classrooms will be renovated and (in some cases) combined to make new, larger classrooms. Upper elementary grades (likely 4th and 5th) will move into this wing. We have tentative plans for 3rd grade to move into another part of our main building, with similar access to the Main Building Commons.

This project stems from our last Strategic Plan (2022). One of the five goals is to “enhance facilities to support a growing and active campus life.” Our current Middle School worked well for years when that division had 55-65 students. Now, MS enrollment is at 100 students. The project also addresses two additional major needs of the school – providing larger classrooms and a Commons space for Upper Elementary grades (grades 3-5 will move into the existing MS space once it’s renovated), and providing additional space to support our growing Arts program (also called for in the 2022 Strategic Plan). Specifically, the Back Building will be repurposed toward this goal.

The project is already underway and will cost approximately $4,000,000. The Board has recognized three funding sources for this project: (1) allocating some of TDS’ cash reserves; (2) philanthropic contributions from families; and (3) taking out a loan (already approved with our bank). Our campaign goal is to raise at least $1,500,000 over five years to support this project.