Every family has its own schedule

We know that many families have work and obligations that extend beyond the end of the school day, which is why Triangle Day School offers after-school care and enrichment activities throughout the year.

After-School Program

The After-School Program is designed to provide students with engaging activities and outdoor exploration after the end of the school day.

Offered from 3:00-6:00 PM, ASP provides students with:

  • a safe, comfortable, enjoyable experience
  • supported time to complete homework and assignments
  • snacks provided to all participants
  • play-based activities that allow children to interact with their friends and relax after a day of classes

After-School Program care is available to all TDS students throughout the school year on a drop-in basis, or families can choose a contract option for a discounted daily rate. Semester and full-year contracts can range from 2-5 days per week, based on your family’s needs.

Counselor-in-Training Program

Triangle Day School is proud to offer a Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program to enrolled 5th-8th grade students interested in taking on more responsibility and learning important leadership techniques and skills relating to communication, goal setting, teamwork, and problem solving. CIT program members also receive a discounted rate for After-School!

On their assigned days, CIT students join the After-School Program for snack/homework time and then help supervise younger students during organized activities and playtime until 6:00 PM. We count on CIT students to promote a fun and safe atmosphere in After-School!

Clubs & Extracurriculars

In addition to our After-School Program, TDS has expanded enrichment options for those students interested in extending their learning beyond school hours.

Students enrolled in a club or extracurricular activity meet their instructor directly after school and have time for a snack before their program begins. After the meeting ends, students can be picked up by their family or transition to After-School Program care.

Meetings run from 3:15-4:15 PM and are separated by grade-levels to ensure their activities are age-appropriate and engaging. Most clubs and extracurriculars meet once a week for ten weeks (with exceptions for programs associated with outside organizations), and each semester’s offerings may be different from the last!

2024 Spring Clubs:

Grades: TK–1st
Instructor: Caro Arce
Join us as we “travel” the world together. This club will explore a different Spanish-speaking country each week through music, movement, art, literacy, and food. No passport required… just an adventurous spirit!

Grades: K-2nd
Instructor: Shelley Turkington & Clara Pinella
Nature has all the answers! In BioBuilders, students will explore the natural world, and use their discoveries to create something amazing. They will become experts in biomimicry (a unique form of engineering) and by the end of the club, will have created their own biomimetic device for the TDS garden!

Grades: 1st-5th
Instructor: Bouncing Bulldogs
The Bouncing Bulldogs jump rope group is back! Through fun-filled, challenging activities and learning tasks, students will have the opportunity to develop their mind and body. The club also focuses on social, intellectual and emotional development, while emphasizing sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork.

Grades: K-2nd
Instructor: Dragonfly Nature Programs
We are thrilled to partner with Dragonfly Nature Programs to bring the Citizen Naturalist program to TDS. According to the website, the program is designed to get students safely outdoors, exploring and observing living organisms in their natural environments. It will focus on relationships between living species, how living things impact their environment and our human relationship with it all.

Grades: TK–1st
Instructor: The Superlative Club
TDS is excited to welcome The Superlative Club to our after-school clubs program. If your student enjoys “helping” in the kitchen or wants to learn to cook, start here! They will explore a variety of cooking skills in a fun atmosphere and most importantly, get to taste their creations!

Grades: TK-K
Instructor: T3 Lab
T3 Lab is coming to TDS with a focus on basketball IQ, fundamentals, and skill development through interchangeable drills and challenging games. The club will have fun activities and innovative ways to teach fundamental skills to our beginners.

Grades: 3rd-5th Girls
Instructor: Melissa Perez-Heydrich
Join Coach Perez-Heydrich on a journey with HER Time to Play. This program is dedicated to championing change on behalf of girls and providing them with ways to connect, collaborate, and actively engage with one another through the game of basketball.

Grades: 7th-8th
Instructor: Sergio Camacho
Students will learn advanced technical skills and knowledge to maintain, repair, and upgrade computers. They will explore hands-on topics, troubleshooting techniques, PC architectures, disk drives, peripheral cards, memory management, and communication devices.

Grades: K-2nd
Instructor: Bull City Music School
Bull City Music is joining our club program with Introduction to Strings. Their student centered instruction will focus on bow and instrument hold, rhythms, ear training, and learning to play together.

Grades: TK-1st; 2nd-5th
Instructor: Premier Martial Arts
Are you ready for your student to find focus, confidence, and power? Premier Martial Arts will be here to instill the values of hard work, respect, and determination, in an environment that is fun, engaging and sociable. Their curriculum aligns with the core values of TDS and your student will benefit from both the physical and mental activity.

Grades: TK–1st
Instructor: The Superlative Club
TDS is excited to welcome ‘The Superlative Club’ to our after school clubs program. Your student will delight in discovering new perspectives and telling their stories through photography and creativity.

Grades: K-2nd
Instructor: Jenn Phillips
Reader’s Theater is the oral presentation of a written work that is performed with two or more people. Memorization is not required because the focus of this form of drama is on READING. This is the perfect club for students who love to perform, but is equally good for those who need encouragement to find their voice and practice reading aloud. The scripts will accommodate a variety of different reading levels and include a wide range of story genres.

Grades: 3rd-5th
Instructor: Melissa Perez-Heydrich
Ms. Perez-Heydrich is bringing her love of STEM to Robotics club. Using a curriculum developed by the internationally known FIRST LEGO League program, participants will plan, build, code, and test a robot, using LEGO robotics tools. They will use this robot to complete a series of challenges in the FIRST LEGO League’s Robot Game.

Grades: 2nd-5th
Instructor: Rose DeLaTorre
Would your student like to cut a rug with Mrs. DeLaTorre? Salsa Club is a dance party with an emphasis on DANCE. Join us to learn basic steps, music and culture surrounding salsa music. No dance experience necessary!

Grades: 3rd-5th
Instructor: Silverquicken
Silverquicken will bring Solvers Club back to TDS this spring. The fun, immersive, and collaborative program is designed to challenge students to stretch their brains and work together to solve complex puzzles, games, and challenges.

Grades: 1st-5th
Instructor: T3 Lab
T3 Lab is bringing their experienced basketball coaches to TDS. Triple Threat Training will provide an environment that is fun, positive, interactive, inspiring, instructive and challenging. They’ll focus on building self-confidence regardless of athleticism, skill level, gender or age.
2024 Fall Clubs:

Grade levels: 6th-8th
In this “glam” program, students will gain knowledge of the fashion industry and develop skills in branding, marketing, fashion journalism and design. They will explore popular brands, analyze industry trends, design various articles of clothing, define their own brand and more!

Grade levels: 3rd-5th
BioBuilders is back, but with a more advanced version targeted for older students. In a form of engineering called biomimicry, unique properties of animals and plants are incorporated into designs and used to solve problems. Students will study the natural world and use their discoveries to create amazing things! By the end of the club, they will have explored the biomimicry engineering process, learned to 3D model, and designed their own inventions.

Grade levels: 6th-8th
Attention Shark Tank enthusiasts! This program empowers students with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop a plan for their very own business ideas, in an environment that fosters teamwork. From designing marketing flyers to estimating profits, students have fun while developing business savvy!

Grade levels: 2nd-5th
Whether your student knows how to play or just wants to learn, this club is a great place to explore the basics of the game and improve already existing skills. The instructors create a supportive environment, where players can face those at similar levels and take risks while learning strategy.

Grade levels: 3rd-5th
Students will learn computer programming concepts through projects, games, website development, mobile application development, and scientific computation. They’ll do so at their own pace and of course have fun in the process!

Grade levels: TK-1st
Culinary Arts is back by popular demand! If your student enjoys “helping” in the kitchen or wants to learn about cooking, start here. They will explore a variety of cooking skills in a fun atmosphere and most importantly, get to taste their creations! Previous participants are welcome, as recipes and lessons will be all new.

Grade levels: TK-K & 1st-2nd
We are teaming up with Barriskill Dance School for this exploratory dance club. This club will take students on a journey through different styles of dance to see what they enjoy. According to Barriskill’s website, “the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment, the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish.”

Grade levels: 5th-8th
Know how to play or looking to learn? Join fellow students to create characters and guide them through exciting, adventurous, and even dangerous quests. The stories are only limited by the imaginations of those who play.

Grade levels: 1st-2nd
This innovative club is designed for students to learn about the basics and sewing and fabrics.

Your student will design and create projects, including apparel and home decor, using both needle and thread and actual sewing machines. They are sure to surprise you with their creativity.

Grade levels: 3rd-5th
Forge Fencing returns to TDS with a variety of activities designed to develop coordination and competitive skills. According to their website, “students will learn about themselves, how their bodies work, and intellectual and competitive skills through the ancient art of swordplay.”

Grade levels: 3rd-5th
Does your student have a flair for decor and design? This club could be a good fit. Students will explore the ins and outs of interior design as they work with different textiles and fabrics. They will experiment with digital designs, learn how to work with blueprints, and create their own 3D models.

Grade levels: 7th-8th
Students will learn advanced technical skills and knowledge to maintain, repair, and upgrade computers. They will explore hands-on topics, troubleshooting techniques, PC architectures, disk drives, peripheral cards, memory management, and communication devices.

Grade levels: K-2nd
TDS is excited to partner with SPARK Business Academy for this “inventive” program. Students will design and create solutions to problems, team up to identify the need for a new invention, and produce real structures and solutions. They will also learn about famous inventors and how inventions improve our lives.

Grades: 2nd-5th
Calling all aspiring magicians! Wayne Haarhaus of Maximum Magic Is excited to return to TDS to share his passion for magic. All are welcome, even if you attended his club last year. Wayne has a brand new crop of tricks up his sleeve, as well as strategies to sharpen any existing magic skills.

Grades: 6th-8th
Do you want an inside look into the world of magic and mystery? This club is the perfect place for budding magicians to discover the secrets of magic. Wayne Haarhaus of Maximum Magic will be your guide as you learn the tools you will need to amaze your family and friends!

Grades: TK-K & 1st-2nd
Soccer Shots is returning to TDS!

The TK-K program utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. They also “highlight a positive character trait each session.” We are thrilled that many of these line up with TDS’ own core values.

The 1st-2nd grade program “focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction.” Students will also engage in competition, in a developmentally appropriate way.

Grades: TK-K
Who loves science?! Students in this club will enjoy a hands-on exploration to test basic scientific principles. From experimenting with chemical reactions to asking questions and finding the answers, this club will engage the mind and build on your student’s endless curiosity.

Grades: K-2nd & 3rd-4th
This interactive, collaborative club will bring the magic of theater to life! Students will build their actor’s toolbox by learning how to use their body, voice, and imagination to create characters and build a play. The club will foster the imagination and nurture self-confidence, as each young actor gets to work in an ensemble. This club will end with an in-school presentation.

Grades: 3rd-5th
Get a taste of ultimate frisbee with TDS parent and coach Matt Walker. This club gives lower school students a chance to learn what it takes to play the game in a fun and supportive environment and get an idea of what it could be like to join the middle school team.


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Auxiliary Programs Director
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Deb Newlin

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After-School Clubs Coordinator