5 in 5

5 graduates in 5 years with Morehead (UNC), BN Duke, or AB Duke Scholarships

“Small classes make it easier to concentrate.”


Triangle Day School provides children the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve while becoming active, respectful, and caring community members. TDS teaches the whole child by complementing academic rigor with a formal character education program in both Lower and Middle schools.

In Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade, rich co-curricular programs combine with high-quality instruction in the areas of language arts, mathematics, Spanish, social studies, and science. Interactive Smartboards, iPads, and laptops are tools for students to use in every classroom as they learn through exploration, creation, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

To complement their core academic experiences, students attend classes in music, art, science lab, media (library and technology), physical education, and character education. The character education program that weaves through lower and middle schools motivates students to be their best selves, promotes self-respect, nurtures compassion, and stresses the value of community.