Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Triangle Day School understands that a community is enriched when many different voices, viewpoints, backgrounds and identities are engaged and celebrated. The school respects, affirms, and protects the worth and dignity of all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, ability, age, sexual orientation, culture, gender, gender identity, or other personal characteristics. We are committed to creating awareness, developing cultural competence, and building a diverse and inclusive environment where all persons are valued for their unique qualities.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at [TDS] thus far. I have been impressed with the teachers already [TK] taking the opportunity to teach about racism for example, in age appropriate ways, but not hiding from truth.Parent Feedback from Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism Survey

Additionally, TDS understands that students make the most academic, social and emotional gains when they feel valued, safe and wholly accepted by all members of the school community. Every TDS community member brings unique gifts and capabilities, as well as different life experiences that benefit all individuals at TDS.

The importance of building a school community composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and capabilities is paramount. Numerous studies have shown that a school’s diversity contributes to the quality of education by pushing students to challenge their assumptions, think critically, empathize with people who are different and work collaboratively to discover creative solutions to real-world problems. TDS strives to graduate students who lead lives of purpose in an increasingly diverse world, and therefore we seek to teach kids to celebrate and respect differences in the broadest sense of the word.

We strive to create a diverse community that reflects our increasingly multicultural world, and we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels supported, appreciated and included.

Meet Our Team

Steven Mercado
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Second Grade Teacher

Sachin Patel
Board of Trustees DEI Committee Chair
Current Parent ’27, ’28

Krishna Munshi
DEI Committee Media Officer
Current Parent ’25, ’27

Affinity Spaces

DEI Community Space
A space for all TDS community members to explore ways to strengthen and build diversity at TDS in the curriculum, community, and recruitment. Our shared human experience makes us strong. Accepting and appreciating differences makes us stronger.

Parents of Color
In our climate of ongoing turbulence, PoC is a safe space to come together and have open, meaningful dialogue. It can be a place where individuals may reflect on their own experiences, community issues or concerns, and offer support to other parents of color.

Parents of Students of Color
PoSoC is an affinity space that seeks to reaffirm and support parents of students of color by providing a safe space to come together and have open, meaningful dialogue. If you have a student of color at TDS, regardless of whether you are a person of color, you are welcome to participate. We hope to foster the exploration of one’s own identity, celebration of shared identity, and debriefing of the common challenges and experiences that members of the identity group face.

Professional Development

People of Color Conference
The People of Color Conference (PoCC) is the flagship of the National Association of Independent Schools’ commitment to equity and justice in teaching, learning, and organizational development. The mission of the conference is to provide a safe space for leadership, professional development, and networking for people of color and allies of all backgrounds in independent schools.

we are (working to extend anti-racist education)
we are provides anti-racism training for children, parents, and educators. We use a three-pronged approach to dismantle systemic racism in education by offering summer camps for children, workshops for parents, and professional development for educators.


Teachers expose students to a variety of cultures, values and life experiences throughout their curricula. Literature is used both as a way of mirroring students’ experiences and allowing students to peek through a window and develop a deeper understanding of the lives of those who differ from them.

International Week
This annual celebration celebrates the diverse cultures around the world, as well as the heritages of school community members. Students participate in hands-on workshops led by parents, teachers and community members. Past workshops have included an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, Latin Dancing, Stories of the Philippines and more. Students get a taste of different cultures at the International Cafe.

MS Minimesters
During this day of learning off-campus, there is always at least one trip that connects to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. In recent years, students have traveled to the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.


Students to Scholars
Triangle Day School is proud to partner with Students to Scholars (S2S), a local non-profit created in early 2017 by a Boys & Girls Club volunteer as a way to help interested Club members gain access to an education that is culturally diverse, has a low pupil-to-teacher ratio, and offers variety and rigor in its academic courses. The placement of academically qualified, at-risk youth in independent schools is made possible through school-based financial aid, parent contributions, Opportunity Scholarships, and donations from Students to Scholars.

Triangle Independent Schools Consortium
TISC member schools work together to host a school fair each fall to recruit students of color to local independent schools.

Hill Learning Center
Hill Learning Center offers a unique half-day program for students with learning differences. This partnership supports students and strengthens the academic diversity of our student body.