Why choose Triangle Day School for your child?

As parents, you have the opportunity to select a school with a mission that fits with your values and is right for your child. In doing so, you will help prepare your child for successful, rewarding experiences in high school, college, and in life.

At the core of our mission are a comfortable setting, a rigorous curriculum, a dedicated and caring faculty, and a warm community. We foster intellectual engagement, enthusiasm for learning, creativity in thinking, and respect for all.

[Our daughter] benefited immensely from being a student at Triangle Day School from TK to eighth grade. She gained self-confidence in the small classes at TDS and also learned the importance of being responsible for oneself, as well as caring toward others – aspects of character that so rarely receive the attention they require during the formative years of elementary and middle school.
— Alumni Parent

Why TK-8?

Why Independent School?

What is an Independent School?
Are they all similar?
How do I know which school is best for my child?
TISC TALK Episode 1

In this episode of TISC TALK, Heather Clarkson and Kemi Nonez answer these questions plus other FAQ.

Independent schools are private, pre-collegiate schools with their own unique missions; institutions that, though private, are publicly accountable to parents, the wider community, and accrediting associations.

Research suggests that independent schools:

  • Are close-knit communities
  • Provide individualized attention for students and smaller classes
  • Are staffed with high-quality and committed teachers
  • Offer hands-on learning opportunities
  • Provide educational experiences extending beyond the classroom
  • Are full of actively engaged parents
  • Are supportive learning environments

More than 2,000 NAIS schools across the United States provide high-quality education to more than 700,000 students from pre-K through high school. In North Carolina, approximately 40,000 students attend an NCAIS school.

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Deb Newlin

Deb Newlin

Admissions Director