Small Classes, Supportive Teachers, a Dynamic Academic Experience

In grades six through eight, Triangle Day School’s Middle School students benefit from small classes, supportive teachers, and a dynamic academic experience. Students receive solid instruction in the areas of language arts, math, science, social studies, Spanish, physical education, arts, and electives. Combining time-tested methods with innovative techniques, lessons focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, written and oral communication, and creativity.

In addition, every Middle School student has an advisor. Advisory in Middle School at TDS comprises small, mixed grade-level groups that meet in homerooms, conduct school-based community service, and engage in bi-weekly discussions about the school’s Core Values of respect, responsibility, compassion, resilience, and integrity. The advisor is one of the student’s academic teachers and plays an additional role of liaison between home and school. The advisor is a strong advocate for his/her advisees throughout the year.

The rigorous academic program in Middle School prepares students to meet the challenges of any high school setting. Daily study halls, where every teacher is available for questions and enrichment, teach students about time management, self-advocacy, and to see their teachers as allies. Students graduate from Triangle Day School as confident, lifelong learners, equipped with a sound academic foundation and the life skills necessary for success.

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