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As parents, we all know that homework promotes self-learning and helps our children become responsible people. For a child to succeed, it’s important for parents to show interest in and follow up with children’s school activities to ensure they complete their assignments on time. When parents follow up, it motivates children and helps them know that studies are essential.

Parents can be supportive by demonstrating organization skills and encouraging children to focus on completing their homework before moving on to the next tasks at home. Fortunately, there are numerous tools and resources that parents can use to help children do their homework and get motivated with academics. Read to learn about homework tips for parents.

The Guide to Lower School: Reading and Writing

When children get to grade 2, they are more experienced and often ready to put their skills into practice. At this point, the children are conversant with the rigorous learning they experienced in grade 1 and are prepared for the next learning phase. They can now read more complex books and write longer sentences more comprehensively.

Here are homework tips for 2nd-grade and above students:

  1. Help your student come up with a system for recording their homework: This does not necessarily have to be a planner. While some students find tracking their homework in a planner to be highly effective, this method is not one-size-fits-all. A daily recording sheet that lives at the front of their binder or a virtual method like Google Keep work just as well! Help your student come up with a system that fits their own organizational style.
  2. Establish a routine: While afternoon schedules can be busy and unpredictable, try to create a routine for completing homework that can be implemented most of the time. This includes both a designated time and a quiet, organized space for homework and studying. When homework is built into the daily routine, students are more likely to consistently and accurately complete it.
  3. Don’t assume your student can complete their homework independently: We strive for increased independence as students move into upper elementary and middle school. However, we have to keep in mind that what students are learning every day is new, so the homework may not come automatically to them. Be nearby when your child is completing their homework. Offer to check over work, provide examples or offer additional resources as needed. This will make the homework experience less stressful and more effective for your student!

Use the FACTS and the TDS Homework and Test and Quizzes Calendars: In middle school, teachers post daily homework assignments to a virtual calendar that can be accessed through the TDS website. Upcoming tests, quizzes and major assignments can be found there as well. On FACTS, you can get up-to-date information regarding your child’s completed and missing homework, quiz and tests grades, etc. Use these resources to better understand daily expectations and how well your child is meeting them.

Here are some more helpful tips:

  • Let your child do homework as soon as possible before embarking on other activities.
  • Create a call list to help your child stay organized when they forget an assignment.
  • If the child gets overwhelmed, give them time to refocus and do the homework later.
  • Assure the child that they can make it even if they feel intimidated by a challenging assignment.
  • Give your child instant positive feedback about their performance to encourage them to do better.
  • Focus on performance, not outcome
  • Set a timer for your child to stay focused on completing their task.
  • Allow the child to express their feelings about the homework.

Triangle Day School offers high-quality education and support systems in lower schools in Durham, NC, helping them accelerate their learning as they grow their skills and knowledge in all subjects. At this point, second graders handle research projects and other school activities that involve critical thinking.

Study and Homework Tips for Middle School Students

Many students in middle school face challenges with their studies, yet, this is the most critical phase of their academic career. At this point, students form habits and develop more skills they can maximize in the future and live independent lives. This is why it is imperative to lay a solid foundation for the student to help them manage time well and take responsibility for their school activities to boost their success.

Below are homework tips for middle school students.

  • Find a comfortable, neat, and tidy study area for your child
  • Ask the student to keep the phone away when studying
  • Encourage the student to use the daily planner for assignments
  • The child should stay organized with their studies throughout the year
  • Encourage the child to ask for help if they are struggling
  • The child should make a study guide and study cards to help them stay focused.
  • Regularly check the books to know if the child is making progress.

Students at the middle school should realize the importance of growing their study skills for academic excellence. At TDS, our middle school students benefit from supportive teachers, a dynamic educational experience, and small classes.

Our teachers give out solid instructions to the students in different subjects, including math, science, arts, social students, electives, Spanish and physical education. We apply innovative and time-tested methodologies to help our students acquire problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and practical communication skills.

Why the School Your Child Attends Matters – Not Just Homework & Studying

Attending school is not all about studying and doing homework. There are many things in the school that the child can learn and become a better person in the future. However, this depends on the type of school your child attends. While there are many schools in Durham, NC, you want an institution that can impact your child’s life throughout all the phases of their academics.

TDS offers quality education to students where every student has an advisor. Our Middle school advisory is in small, mixed grade-level groups where students meet in homerooms to discuss the school’s core values. This includes responsibility, compassion, respect, resilience, integrity, and responsibility. This helps students become responsible people as they grow.

Consider Your Child’s Learning Style & Find Their Fit at Triangle Day School

Every student is unique when it comes to academics. Determining your child’s learning style is the best way to help them perform well and attain their full potential. This can also help you to choose workable study methods and apply the right homework tips to support your child’s efforts in their academics.

We offer customized learning styles for different students, enabling each student to study more effectively. We have qualified teachers ready to support the children and provide a sound academic foundation for learners.

Apply Effective Homework Tips to Alleviate Homework Challenges for Your Child

The above homework tips can help your child stay motivated with academics. However, it is best to ensure that your child gets a quality education from a reputable institution with robust teacher support. Are you looking for a school that provides quality learning in Durham, NC? Check out our admission process.

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