August 19, 2022

What Are Midterms for Middle School Students?

Midterms are the graded examinations that take place in the middle of an academic term to determine student progress in school. This can offer a barometer for middle school students to determine how well they grasp what they have learned in class. It can also help middle school parents determine whether they need to apply some changes to help their children improve in studies. 

What Is a Mid-Term Exam?

A mid-term exam is a test that students take halfway through the term. They are a formative assessment that helps teachers and parents measure students’ understanding of the course material for the period they have been in school. 

At Triangle Day School (TDS), we increase the total number of annual exams for middle school learners. Middle school students in the 6th grade have no formal cumulative exams, while those in the 7th grade have social studies and science midterms, language arts, math, language arts, and social studies. 

Why Have Exams In Middle School?

Parents should also understand why midterm exams are important for students to take seriously. Middle school exams are an excellent opportunity for students to learn the value of cultivating organizational skills. Students will access their notes and other materials for the school curriculum from the beginning of the semester until they take the final exam. Teachers at TDS  help students prepare for the next phase of their academics, making them more resilient, organized, and accountable for their studies.)

What Is the Best Way Students Can Prepare for Midterm, and What Resources are Available for Them?

Midterm exams don’t have to be stressful for your children. You can implement various strategies to help your child focus on studying for their exams. This can boost their performance and help them achieve their desired results in the middle school exams. Here are several ways your child can prepare for the exams. 

  • Understand their learning style and implement study methods that work for them.
  • Students should stay updated with class work and complete all assignments on time. 
  • Speak up and consult teachers on any issues when nearing midterm exams. 
  • Create a midterm study schedule for all subjects, and revise notes and previous materials.
  • Form a study group with other students and stay active during study sessions. 

Teachers at TDS organize review days up to three days before the exams to help students review materials for the exam. We do not give students homework or assignments during midterm exams to help them focus on preparing for the exams. Our teachers also release the students early before the exams begin, allowing them more time to study and prepare. 

How Do Middle School Students Proceed after the Midterm?

Students who excelled in their mid-term exams are assured that they understand the class materials. These students should focus on their studies and prepare for the final project or exam. Middle school students should also identify mistakes and gaps and work on them. 

On the contrary, students who hoped to do well in the mid-term exams but did not achieve their goals should remain focused on their studies. Teachers can review the exams and determine the gaps where students did not perform as expected. This helps students to grasp the material and sharpen their skills fully.

What Is the Impact of the Midterm Exam on the Final Grade?

In High School, midterm exams can have a 20% to 35% impact on the final grade. This depends on the weight that the teacher assigns. Students have about 65% to 80% of their final grade on other components. This includes class participation, projects, and homework. 

At TDS, these exams account for up to 5% of the students’ overall grades in a class. It is an excellent opportunity for students to practice studying and taking these types of exams without it impacting their grades if they struggle. 

If a student does not perform well in the middle school exams, this does not mean they will perform poorly in the final exam. Such students should put more effort into their academics to excel in their final exams. They should evaluate their midterm performance and address all the concerns raised while staying dedicated and committed to grasping the new material. 

It All Starts with a School That Helps Kids Get Ready for High School Academically

Not all schools provide quality education and support. When looking for a school for your child, you should consider an institution that helps kids prepare for high school academics. 

TDS has supportive teachers, smaller classes, and a dynamic academic experience for middle school students. Every student has an advisor who gives them solid instructions and guidance in different subjects. This helps students devise better ways to study and excel in their midterm exams. 

Looking for a Fully Rounded Educational Experience for Your Soon-To-Be Middle School Student?

If you are looking for a warm and welcoming school community, Triangle Day School is here for you. We offer full support and quality education to all-out middle school students before, during, and after midterm exams. Your child is safe in our hands. We strive for academic excellence and intellectual engagement to help middle school students grow their skills and attain their full potential. 

Mid-Term Exams are Worth It In a Fully-Rounded School 

Midterms have a positive impact on students’ final grades and their overall experience in their studies. It is essential to locate a good school with valuable systems with different studying strategies to help your middle school student grow their skills. Are you looking for a reputable school for your child in Durham, NC? Check out the admission process. 

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