What’s Happening in Lower School – May 9, 2019

Sometime in the last couple weeks, the inexorable turn toward summer commenced.  Sunblock and bubbles appeared at the drugstore. Hot, sweaty kids started begging for water at recess.  Talk of end-of-year trips like the GFGA (Great Fifth Grade Adventure, for the uninitiated) began to dominate conversations.

Despite any summery distractions, Lower School students continue to work hard and explore new ideas.  In TK, students are learning about “things that change” – butterflies, seeds, popcorn kernels, and even themselves.  Kindergartners have completed their “how to” books and are now writing fairy tales. First graders are preparing to present their haikus and animal habitat projects to their families.  The second grade class recently enjoyed an impromptu hike at the Eno River, after a last-minute change to their field trip plans. Those resilient students (and teachers!) didn’t let any obstacle derail their outdoor learning and fun!

Third-grade students are building a deeper understanding of fractions and exploring fairy tales, folk tales, and fables in both their reading and writing.  They’ll even enjoy a Fairy Tale Day on May 17th, complete with costumes and themed activities. Fourth graders are building their research skills as they learn about animal adaptations.  They’re also enjoying visits from a variety of class pets in Ms. Mills’s room. In fifth grade, students recently wrote research-based argument essays on topics that are important to them.

Fourth graders learn about animal adaptations

Students have also enjoyed some wonderful learning events in recent weeks.  The International Festival was filled with international music and cultural experiences, as well as opportunities for students to share their own personal heritage.  The Battle of the Books gave upper elementary students a chance to show off their literary knowledge and teamwork as they competed for the championship. Congratulations to the BOB the Builders team!  On Wednesday, the Art Fair showcased a wide range of styles of artwork that our students created under the guidance of their talented teachers, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Lucas. At the Spring Concert, the Lower School Chorus shone under the excellent direction of Mrs. Bassler.  

First graders participate in the Spring Concert

Field Day was a great day for challenges – some competitive, some cooperative, all fun.  Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Dean and their many volunteers for creating this great event for the Lower School.

So, as you can see, summer may be on its way, but learning hasn’t stopped for our students!

Amie Tedeschi
Lower School Coordinator