SciOly and Odyssey Teams Advance to the Next Round

March 18, 2021

The middle school Odyssey of the Mind and Science Olympiad teams have been hard at work preparing for and competing in their regional competitions!


Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving competition. Participants solve a wide variety of problems, from building mechanical devices such as spring-driven vehicles to giving their own interpretation of literary classics. Our Odyssey of the Mind team participated in the North Carolina Eastern Regional Showcase over the first weekend of spring break. After some helpful feedback from the judges, the team is hard at work once again, refining their solution for the state competition in early April.

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Science Olympiad

Over the course of 2 Saturdays, eight TDS middle school students competed virtually in 23 different STEM events at the Triad Regional Science Olympiad tournament. Every student on the team earned a medal and five events took home 1st place. Overall, our team placed 3rd out of 15 teams earning them a spot at the State Tournament on April 24 virtually hosted by NCSU.

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Individual medal winners and their events were:

Event Place/Medal Students
Anat & Physiology 1 Oliver Guan Conlan Sharp
Crimebusters 6 Oliver Guan Henry Blackwell
Digital Structures 1 Nureen Khan
Density Lab 6 Anna Taylor Henry Blackwell
Disease Detectives 3 Joseph Schneider Wil Schneider
Dynamic Planet 6 Nureen Khan Joseph Schneider
Exp. Design 4 Nureen Khan Matthew Collier
Food Science 2 Oliver Guan Wil Schneider
Fossils 2 Conlan Sharp Joseph Schneider
Game On 3 Joseph Schneider Henry Blackwell
Heredity 2 Oliver Guan Wil Schneider
Machines 5 Anna Taylor Henry Blackwell
Meteorology 2 Nureen Khan
Mission Possible 4 Nureen Khan
Mousetrap Vehicle 3 Anna Taylor
Ornithology 1 Conlan Sharp
Reach for the Stars 3 Anna Taylor Conlan Sharp
Road Scholar 1 Nureen Khan
Water Quality 1 Oliver Guan Nureen Khan
Write It, Do It 4 Anna Taylor Henry Blackwell

Please congratulate all our team members on an outstanding performance!

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