Lunch at TDS is healthy and social!  When the weather cooperates, all classes eat outside at designated picnic tables.  Students can either bring a lunch from home or parents can purchase lunch online.  TDS offers nutritious and appetizing choices through a variety of vendors.


On Tuesday, October 30 we will have a special guest vendor for Hispanic Heritage Month – Please check the menu!

Monday: Panera Bread
Tuesday: Rotating Vendors including Jason’s Deli, PDQ, Panda Express and Pomodoro
Wednesday: Dominos Pizza
Thursday: Moe’s Southwestern Grill
Friday: Chick-fil-A

The second half of lunchtime includes recess and games.  Students can choose to participate in organized sport games, enjoy the playground equipment, read a book, or sit back and talk with friends.  Recess is supervised by classroom teachers, and the Lower School PE teacher runs many of the games.  In addition, lunch clubs meet once a week or once a month in both Lower and Middle Schools.  The Spanish Club, Art Club, Chess Club, and Student Council all meet during a designated lunch period.

The variety of activities that takes place during lunch affords students the opportunity to establish connections to peers with similar interests.  This sense of belonging helps students build confidence.  TDS strives to develop independent learners who can self-advocate.  Even during lunchtime, we are working towards this goal!