Lip Sync Extravaganza

Lip Sync Extravaganza!
A school-wide event

What is this? 
An opportunity for students to perform a song, with the goal of entertaining the audience and sharing a positive message!

When is it? 
Friday, April 7th!  All video entries are due to Mr. Forringer by Monday, March 27th. A group of teachers will approve them and offer suggestions.


  1. The length of the performance should be 1-2 minutes.
  2. Students must practice the performance and send in a video to Mr. Forringer to show that they have practiced and have an act in mind.
  3. Limit: ONE performance ONLY.
  4. The song must be appropriate and have a positive message.
  5. Costumes and props are encouraged!
  6. Students will perform the act on stage that Fridayafternoon!

Additional information/advice:

  1. Have FUN with it!
  2. Think about your space and movement.
  3. Be sure to know all the words so you can act like you are singing!