MS Students and Core Value Awards

January 28, 2021

Each Friday afternoon, the middle school has a meeting where we recognize student birthdays and make announcements. One thing that has always been special about these meetings is that they are led by the 8th grade class. Each week, one 8th grader prepares an introduction (usually with fun facts, an inspirational quote, and a corny joke), looks up the week’s birthdays, and checks in with me about any announcements that need to be made. However, this year, they’re having to do it online, usually looking into the faces of 80 students and teachers on Google Meet, while worrying about technical difficulties and internet speed. However, they have adjusted admirably, and they have this new format down to a science.

One new tradition that we have incorporated into the middle school meeting this year is the student core value recognition. This is for students who want to recognize a classmate for one of our core values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, or compassion. I’ve loved hearing students come forward to recognize their peers. Here are some of the comments we’ve heard lately:

In kickball, Taite always makes everybody feel better if they have a bad kick, and if they have a good kick, he congratulates them.

Zoe is always being kind and considerate to others, and takes time to listen. She doesn’t make fun or meanly tease when someone does something they got embarrassed by. She gives genuine compliments and is a really nice person to hang out with.

I notice that Melanie is always on time to class, she always has her camera on, and she participates in class, which are all of the responsibilities we have as distance learners.

Oliver represents compassion because he never argues in class or talks back. He is just an all-around good person to be around and be happy with.

Even though we are in the middle of the pandemic, new students have still done their work at their new schools. For example, I have noticed the hard work Molly puts in every day.
I’m very proud of the students who volunteer to recognize their peers in this way!

Emily McAllister
Middle School Director

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