October 12, 2023

I recently received an email from a parent that read, “I just wanted to send you a message and say how much [my child] enjoys being in [their teacher’s] class. She’s a wonderful person and teacher. Hope you’re doing well.” I later ran into that teacher after forwarding her the email, and she shared that the message meant more to her than she could even say, as it came on a day when she just really needed to hear it.

Earlier this year, after Back to School Night, a new parent sent a message to our Complements team, thanking them for their presentations and sharing her excitement in hearing as they passionately shared about their roles. She told them that as she listened to them present, she just kept thinking, “My goodness, I love this school.” The following day, multiple of those teachers came to me beaming, telling me about the message and how kind they thought it was.

While teaching can be a gratifying profession, teachers are also people who spend their entire day filling the buckets of others. Our parent community here is wonderfully supportive and partners incredibly well with our staff. I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity to remind parents that the simplest messages of thanks to a teacher can reenergize them in the most meaningful and powerful ways. When you all send these messages, I think you have absolutely no idea just how much they mean to staff, so thank you!

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