First Grade

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Fabulous First Grade FisherMan(dls)

September 22, 2017


Happy Friday! It’s been a great week in first grade, highlighted by Johnny Appleseed Day today. We had a blast with apple related activities all day; so much so that the students came up with some new words-apple-loutly, applicious, and appily ever afterJ

We started looking at different ways to add this week and will finish up the addition unit this coming week. We learned about bones, about laws, and about reading photo essays. We discussed nouns and filled in hilarious noun- libs.

I will place the Scholastic order tonight- it usually takes about a week for the books to arrive.

Thanks so much for the generous donations for hurricane relief- and also for sending in your apples. We appreciate your partnership!

Lastly, Mr. Straus has the Spanish website up and running- take a peek and check it out under Lower School- Classroom Pages-LS Spanish

Upcoming dates:

Friday, September 29- Assembly @2:10- Isa, Caleb, and Waverly are the September Talented Tornados

Friday, October 6- All school Talent Show @ 1:30

Have a happy week-

Nancy Mandl and Karen Fisher