First Grade

Ms. Fisher and Ms. Mandl welcome you to…


Happy almost summer- or so it feels☺

This week in math, we started finished up weight and joyfully started graphing, beginning with picture graphs.  Graphing will continue all next week. In science, we continued learning about motion and had fun watching play cars in motion and determining what made them move faster. In social studies, the students made a booklet of themselves in the world, starting with our continent all the way down to their room in their house. We will continue both of these units into the coming weeks. In reading, we looked at long vowel patterns -/oa/, and also all the ways of saying EW!-/oo/ , /ew/ , /ue/, /u/, and u_e.  You can believe that was fun.  Spelling this week was –nk and –ng endings, and next week we will talk about the three ways the ending –ed sounds. We also had fun with President Day activities, watching the middle school play, and celebrating career day.

With parent- teacher conferences on Thursday, we will again have the spelling test on Friday this coming week.

In today’s yellow folder, we included an in-school permission slip for a visit from the NC Life and Science Museum. They bring very cool animals and if your student wants to pet them, we need permission. They don’t have to, of course, but it’s good to have in case they would like to. Please return ASAP- the visit is scheduled for 3/21.

Also, please consider driving for our April 5 field trip. We have one volunteer so far. Thank you in advance!

Upcoming dates-

 Scholastic School Book Fair Monday 2/27-Friday 3/3

*Because of this, we are NOT going to the library on Wednesday as usually scheduled- we will just skip this one week and return the following Wednesday.

Thursday, March 2-Parent- teacher conferences

Friday, March 3- Stop Hunger Now event- all students must wear a baseball cap for afternoon event; long hair must also be in a pony tail.


Have a great weekend-

Nancy Mandl and Karen Fisher