Here are some thoughts expressed by both current and past Triangle Day School parents:

“We felt that the teachers at TDS REALLY KNEW our child.  Moreover, they cared enough to GET TO know all his strengths and weaknesses and to be very open and receptive to our input.”
Brian and Sabrina Schneider, current parents 

“Moving to North Carolina from another country was daunting, so our children and our whole family were relieved to find that a school like TDS was there to welcome them – small, caring and community minded, yet with many different races and nationalities represented.”
Caroline Bretherton, alumni parent

“I have had three children at TDS.  And without a doubt, TDS has prepared them well for the academic challenges of high school and college. Equally as important, they loved school and grew to be confident, engaged young men.  As they have gone out into the world, I am continually impressed with the friends they have chosen – interesting, intelligent, conscientious young people – and many of these friendships began at TDS! After his freshmen year of high school, one of my sons commented, ‘The thing I miss most about TDS is the way every teacher really cares about every student.'”
Joanne Dellaero, alumni parent

“We loved our time at TDS, and the school definitely set up all four of our children for great success in and out of the classroom.”
Kris Selig, alumni parent

“We are truly thankful to TDS for educating and inspiring our daughter.”
Frank Maynard III, current Middle School parent

“Helen benefited immensely from being a student at Triangle Day School from TK to eighth grade. She gained self-confidence in the small classes at TDS and also learned the importance of being responsible for oneself, as well as caring toward others – aspects of character that so rarely receive the attention they require during the formative years of elementary and middle school.”
Mrs. Giles, alumni parent

“This is our 13th year at Triangle Day School. Over this span of time, things change; people come and go. The constant is and has always been a commitment to academic excellence and a nurturing environment that fosters learning. The TDS culture attracts strong leaders, excellent teachers and families with the same values regarding education.  These are the ingredients that create magical environments where learning is as natural as breathing. This is TDS… What school should be!  At Triangle Day School, our children not only mastered tools to make them lifelong learners, they absorbed the culture of taking responsibility for themselves, their community and their education.  They became advocates for themselves. This trait will make them successful citizens of whatever community they are a part of, for life.”
Julia and John Lockhead, alumni parents

“Our son began attending TDS during a time our family was experiencing a very challenging health crisis with our daughter. TDS welcomed our son with warm and welcoming arms. They provided a nurturing, supportive, and safe learning environment where he was able to focus and excel academically in the midst of a difficult time at home. We are very grateful and feel very blessed to have been a part of the TDS family.”
Paige Daniels, alumni parent

“My son comes home just elated everyday with school and soccer. I have a different child on my hands and I believe TDS and being on this team has helped him tremendously.”
DeAnn H. Cable, alumni parent (excerpted from a note to a teacher)

“TDS was amazing for my daughter Riley. Her experience was unparalleled. It will always have a place in our hearts.”
Jennifer Patterson, alumni parent