2016 Auction Teacher Experiences

Every year during the TDS Annual Auction, the teachers and staff donate experiences that involve the students. Here are the experiences available for the 2016 TDS Annual Auction. Most will be in the Silent Auction, but a few will be in the Live Auction. Questions? Email auction@triangledayschool.org for answers.

Minecraft and Pizza Party with Dr. Nelson and Mr. Forringer, sponsored by DigitalOcean (grades 3-8)

Join Mr. Forringer and Dr. Nelson in a Minecraft game of “Capture the Flag.” Mr. Forringer’s team of students will go head-to-head against Dr. Nelson’s team of students. Whoever finds the other team’s hidden basecamp and captures their flag wins. Grades 3-8 only. Up to 12 students. Expires June 8, 2016.

BubbleBall Anyone with Ms. Carnes and Ms. Schweller, sponsored by Chapel Hill Brain Centre (grades 6-8)

8 students will join Ms. Carnes and Ms. Schweller in a fun, high-energy, full-contact game of BubbleBall, complete with huge bubble suits and a referee! BubbleBall is soccer meets bumper cars meets non-stop crazy fun. The game will take place at the school on a mutually-agreed upon date. 6th-8th grades only. Expires June 8, 2016.

Mock Sleepover (grades 3-8)

The winning bidder sends all the girls OR boys in your child’s grade to the school for a mock sleepover — similar to the Lock-Ins from previous years, but without the overnight stay and early morning pick-up! Grades 3rd through 8th grade only. Expires June 8, 2016.

Pizza and Movie Party at School (TK-2)

Grades TK through 2nd grade only. Enjoy an evening at TDS with pizza, popcorn, and a movie. The date and movie will be voted on by the winning class in coordination with the school. Mr. Norry and the winning class’ teacher(s) will join the kids for this special night! Expires June 8, 2016.

Kids’ Night In/Parents’ Night Out (all grades)

The kids stay together for dinner and a playdate with a few teachers while the parents go out for the evening. Includes a $100 gift card to Mateo. For up to 3 families. Expires June 8, 2016.

Cut Off Your Favorite Teacher’s Tie (all grades)

Back by popular demand, this experience will be part of the Live Auction. At an assembly this spring, your child will get to cut off the necktie of his or her favorite male teacher – not even Mr. Norry will be safe from the shears! As if that’s not enough, you will also be liberating this teacher from wearing a tie to school for the rest of the school year! Expires June 8, 2016.

Head of School for the Day (all grades)

Your child can have the chance to be Mr. Norry for the day! Shake hands at carpool, visit classrooms, and hold meetings. This is a once-a-year opportunity your child won’t forget. Mr. Norry will even provide a special lunch for the student lucky enough to be Head of School for a day! Expires June 8, 2016.

Nature Walk/Sports Time + Dinner + Fire with S’mores + 3D movie + Star Gazing at the Straus House (all grades)

Need a date night but don’t want to just hire any old babysitter? Let your kids come to Mr Straus’ log cabin nestled in the woods for a night packed full of educational fun! Up to 5 kids allowed, any age. The night will start at 5:00 pm with outdoor activities including playing on an outdoor basketball court, Frisbee, nature walk, and more. We will then be serving an outdoor dinner around 6:30 p.m. around a fire pit. We will be eating S’mores for dessert. Then we will go inside for a 3D movie starting at around 7:30. We will take a break about half way through the movie and walk outside to star gaze as it is very easy to see the stars in this location. After about 20 minutes of star gazing, we will finish the movie with pick-up at 10:00 p.m. Sorry parents, but this opportunity is only offered for your children! Expires June 8, 2016.

A Movie Escape to the Silverspot with Mrs. Durham and the Birthday Bear (all grades)

The highest bidder will be able to invite 5 other friends to join in while we eat Pizza & Popcorn in the theater. This will take place on a Saturday of choice before June 10th. Parents will drop off at the theater and return to pick-up at the end of the movie. Expires June 8, 2016.

Student Studio Art Party with Ms. Lucas (grades 3-8)

Five 3rd-8th grade students will join me for a fun and lively afternoon on Saturday, April 16,2016. They are invited to paint their masterpiece in Eleatta Diver’s studio! Eleatta has her studio in Durham’s Golden Belt. She is a local artist who specializes hosting fun “Painting Parties”! She has a degree in Art Education and has generously offered this date and helped to sponsor this exciting event!

Board Games at Mellow Mushroom with Ms. McAllister and Mr. Butera (grades 6-8)

Drop up to 6 TDS students off at Mellow Mushroom at American Tobacco Campus downtown Durham on a [mutually convenient] weekend afternoon this spring to hang out with Mr. Butera and Mrs. McAllister, eat yummy pizza and appetizers, and play fun board games. Games will include Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Rummikub, Blokus, Carcassonne, Scotland Yard, Hive, card games, and more! Expires June 8, 2016.

Lunch with Birthday Bear (grades TK-5)

A group of four TK-5th graders can win lunch with the Birthday Bear and Mrs. Durham. Each of the four winning Lower School students will get to do one day of Birthday Bear Presentations. Then on Friday, they will all enjoy a luncheon in Mrs. Durham’s office with Mrs. Durham, the Birthday Bear and his friends! Expires June 8, 2016.

Adventure Landing: Laser Tag and More with Mrs. Myers. Mrs. Hoyle, Mrs. Logan, and Mr. Dowd (grades 5-8)

You and 14 of your friends will enjoy a day at Adventure Landing in Raleigh playing LASER TAG, MINI GOLF, and ARCADE GAMES with Ms. Myers, Ms. Hoyle, Ms Logan, and Mr. Dowd. Pizza and dessert are also included!! (Go-karts are not included.) Date coming soon…

Picnic and Book Reading with Ms. Newman (all grades)

3 students will enjoy a picnic with Ms. Newman at Duke Gardens followed by reading books selected by her. Each student will take a book home. Expires June 8, 2016.

Durham Bulls Game with Ms. Morgan (all grades)

Join Ms. Morgan for a Durham Bulls game. 3 students will have lots of fun eating snacks and cheering on the Bulls! Expires June 8, 2016.

Afternoon of Art and Cooking/Baking with Mrs. Simpson and Ms. Tedeschi (all grades)

Four TDS friends in any grades will have the pleasure of spending some special time with Ms. Tedeschi and Mrs. Simpson at Ms. Tedeschi’s house in Durham! Mrs. Simpson and Ms. Tedeschi will plan an art project and cooking (or baking) activity for these four lucky children. Expires June 1, 2016.

Afternoon Hike Along the Eno and Pizza with Mr. Bankhead (all grades)

Up to ten TDS students can enjoy a Saturday afternoon of fun with Mr. Bankhead and his partner Stuart Cantrell. They will have pizza for lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon hiking along the Eno River behind their house. Expires June 8, 2016.

Halloween Party at Ms. DeLaTorre’s House (all grades)

Four children will go to Ms. DeLaTorre’s house for tricks and treats. The party lasts 3 hours. Activities include spooky stories, freaky finger foods, a tour of the haunted house, and assorted games. This experience is open to the tall and the small, ages TK-8th. Come in costume and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! Activities will be modified based on ages of participants. This offer is for the 2016 Halloween season. Expires November 1, 2016.

Book Lovers’ Delight with Ms. Tedeschi and Mr. Forringer(all grades)

If your child loves to read or just enjoys the company of Ms. Tedeschi and Mr. Forringer, this is the item for you! Your child and a friend will spent one inspiring afternoon browsing for books with Ms. Tedeschi and Mr. Forringer. Each child will get to select $25 worth of books. As if that isn’t enough, they will also get to enjoy a meal together at a favorite restaurant. Expires June 8, 2016.

Day at the Eno River with Mrs. Bassler (all grades)

Join Mrs. Bassler for a fun-packed day at the Eno. Up to 8 students will go on a morning hike, enjoy a picnic lunch, and use their science skills to explore the river. Be ready to get dirty and have fun! Expires June 8, 2016.

Basketball Clinic + Lunch with Coach Straus and Coach Forringer (grades 2-8)

Boy’s basketball Coach Straus and Girl’s basketball Coach Forringer will be offering a basketball clinic to both boys and girls in the school gym. We will be offering drills based around the development of the fundamental skills of basketball including shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, and basic footwork. No prior basketball knowledge needed. Individual tickets will be sold for Saturday, April 9, 2016.

Choose your Own Adventure! with Ms. Hopkins and Ms. Gobble (all grades)

Spend the day with Ms. Hopkins and Ms. G! Enjoy either breakfast or lunch at one of your favorite restaurants and explore a museum of your choosing. This experience is open to 4-6 students in all grades and should be completed by June 5,2016.

Off-Campus Lunch Break with Ms. Aguilar (all grades)

Does your child enjoy going out to lunch and dessert? Wouldn’t it be fun to go with a friend during their school day? Ms. Aguilar (Asst Head of School) will take a student and a friend out to lunch at Mad Hatters, complete with decorating and eating cupcakes, on a mutually agreed upon SCHOOL DAY! Open to TK-8th. Expires June 8, 2016.

Lemur Center Fun with Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Mandl (all grades)

Up to three TDS students can travel with Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Mandl to the Duke Lemur Center! We’ll see many wonderful animals such as the Mouse Lemur, Ring-Tailed Lemur, and Aye-Aye. Afterwards we will go to Tutti Frutti for a delicious treat! Possible dates: April 9, April 16, April 23, April 30, May 21, and June 11, 2016. Expires June 12, 2016.

Night Out with Ms. Andrea and Ms. Kate (all grades)

Ms. Andrea is back! (but only for this Auction Teacher Experience) Student who were at TDS last year will remember Ms. Andrea greeting them everyone morning at the front desk, taking their temperatures, and giving out hugs when needed. Join Ms. Andrea and Ms. Kate for a dinner one night. Restaurant to be determined soon. Expires June 8, 2016.

Afternoon of Science with Dr. Nelson (grades TK-5)

Your child and up to five friends are invited to an afternoon of amazing science in the lower school science lab with Dr. Nelson! You choose the theme: Blast Off for Adventure, Silly Slimy Fun, Our Unseen World, or Spa Chemistry. We will spend 1-2 hours exploring our topic through activities and projects. When we are done you will have cool take-home goodies and some more ideas to try at home! Expires June 8, 2016.