2017 Fund-a-Cause

In recent years, the Fund-A-Cause has become an integral component of the auction, with donors raising their paddles in support of a specific initiative. This year, we are thrilled to announce that Fund-A-Cause dollars will go toward improving outdoor play spaces at TDS. In particular, we plan to upgrade and add to our existing playground. 

Study after study has shown that movement — in and outside of the classroom — is vital for the physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being of our children’s development.  More recess time is advocated for kindergarteners so that they can better learn social skills, and increased activity alleviates stress and resets focus for middle schoolers.  As a recent Education Week article stated, “Kids are built to move.  Having more time for unstructured outdoor play is like handing them a reset button.”

In preparation for this, all Lower Schoolers took a survey, identifying their favorite pieces of playground equipment. The most popular included the rope climber, kid coaster and merry-go-round. We hope to add some or all of these items in the near future. In addition, a focus group comprised of Middle School students is discussing what would work best for our older students.

There is an ongoing exploration for the various options and further details will be shared in the coming weeks before the auction. At the auction, there will be a video describing the cause in detail.

Some ideas for playground additions: