2017 Auction Teacher Experiences

Each year, the faculty of Triangle Day School donates experiences to the Annual Auction to enjoy with their students. Here are the opportunities we’re currently working on for the 2017 TDS Annual Auction. (Please note: check the auction catalog for final details as items are subject to change.)  All dates are to be mutually agreed upon by faculty member and winning bidder except where noted

Head of School for the Day (all grades)

Grab a tie, an orange coat and get ready to shake some hands – that’s right, become Mr. Norry for the day!  Greet students at car line, visit Lower School and Middle School classrooms, pick Mr. Norry’s brain over an off-campus lunch – heck, even declare extra recess!  This opportunity only comes once a year for one lucky individual and the experience won’t soon be forgotten.  Expires June 7, 2017.

Cut The Teacher Loose – From His Tie, That Is! (all grades)

Have a pair of scissors at the ready!  One TDS student will be the star at a spring assembly, where he/she will get to cut the necktie off of his/her favorite male teacher while the student body enthusiastically looks on.  Not even Mr. Norry will be safe from the shears!  Expires June 7, 2017.

Movie Night (TK-3rd)

What does a movie night with no shushing, all-you-can eat ice cream, and pajamas look like?  Movie night in the TDS gym with all of one’s classmates!  Feed the kids at home, then bring them back to school for an evening filled with a sundae bar of vanilla and chocolate frozen custard (with toppings, of course!), blankets, and, of course, a kiddie flick supervised by the teacher(s) of the winning grade.  Date and movie selection to be coordinated with the school.  Expires June 7, 2017.

Chickens Rule the Roost (TK-3rd)

Ever wonder what young students would want to do and learn in the classroom if they could?  Well, we’re about to find out!  The winning bidder will grant the members of his/her child’s grade the opportunity to structure their own (half) day.  Don’t worry, the teacher(s) will still make sure that there are the three Rs – reading, writing and recess, arithmetic — but studies that day will come from a new perspective.  Expires June 7, 2017.

End-of-School Pool Party (grades 4th-8th)

Send the students in your child’s grade to the home of TDS grandparent Angela Zaro for an end-of-school pool party!  The afternoon will take place for two hours during the last two weeks of May or first week of June.  (Check auction catalog for final details.)   Guests should bring their best behavior as well as their own towels and sunscreen.  A pool house will be available for wardrobe changes and a lifeguard will be on duty. Expires June 12, 2017.

Ms. DeLaTorre’s Halloween House (all grades)

Visit Ms. DeLaTorre’s Haunted House for tricks and treats during the 2017 Halloween season!  One student and three friends will carve pumpkins, eat spooky snacks, enjoy scary stories and engage in activities tailored to the age of the students.  Costumes are optional but encouraged!  Expires November 1, 2017.

Bedtime Stories with Ms. Qualls (TK-2nd)

Who doesn’t like to snuggle under the covers with a good bedtime story? Ms. Qualls will make a special nighttime visit to one student’s home on a weekday night, arriving with cookies and milk (if parents allow), and a few books to entertain a certain little sleepy head before he/she nods off to dreamland. Expires July 31, 2017.

Out on the Town with Mrs. Riebl (all grades)

Shall we dance?  Mrs. Riebl thinks so!  She will escort one TDS student and a friend to the Carolina Ballet for a performance of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” (March 9-26).  Afterwards, all will discuss the music and choreography over ice cream.   Expires March 26, 2017.

Tea Time at the Carolina Inn with Ms. Gobble and Mrs. Cowan (all grades)

When your day is topsy-turvy and busy as can be, there’s nothing quite as calming as a nice, hot cup of tea!  Ms. G and Mrs. Cowan invite one TDS student and a friend to partake in the time-honored tradition of afternoon tea with them at the Carolina Inn.  Enjoy savory sandwiches, sweet snacks, scones, and of course, tea!  Expires, June 7, 2017.

Cheer on Carolina with Ms. Morgan and Ms. Qualls (all grades)

TAR… HEELS!!  Ms. Morgan and Ms. Qualls will escort up to 9 very E-X-C-I-T-E-D students to enjoy extra special VIP access to a UNC Cheerleading practice on Monday, February 13th.  Attend the cheerleaders’ team practice, learn a cheer or two, and take pictures with the team.  Afterwards, recap the experience over hot chocolate at the Carolina Cafe.  Pick-up is at 7pm at the café’s location in Chapel Hill’s Meadowmont.  A Carolina Blue wardrobe is strongly suggested! Expires February 13, 2017.

Lemur Center Fun with Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Mandl (all grades)

Take a journey to Madagascar via the Duke Lemur Center with TDS’ first grade teachers!  Up to three students will accompany Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Mandl to see these beautiful and intriguing primates and learn about the Red-Ruff Lemur, Sifaka, and Aye-Aye, among others.  Enjoy a delicious frozen treat at Tutti Frutti after the visit.  Dates available:  April 1, April 8, April 29, May 6, and May 20.  Expires May 20, 2017.

Pizza, Pajamas and a Puppy with Ms. Newman (all grades)

Have a very special pajama party play date with Ms. Newman and her dog, Sandy!  One student and three friends will make pizza together, play around with her friendly, energetic puppy, and watch a movie at Ms. Newman’s home in downtown Durham.  Expires June 2, 2017.

A Walk in the Woods (and More) with Mr. Straus (all grades)

Nestled in the woods is Mr. Straus’ log cabin and it stands ready for a night packed full of fun!  Begin at 5pm, with outdoor activities – think nature walk, basketball, Frisbee (weather permitting; if not, it’ll be hide-and-seek in the house) – then make dinner (pizza) and dessert (S’mores) around the fire pit.  Relax and view a 3D movie, venturing outside about halfway through to star gaze. Pick-up is at 10pm but the 5 students participating in this evening will not be eager to leave!  Expires June 4, 2017.

Afternoon of Art and Cooking/Baking with Mrs. Simpson and Ms. Tedeschi (all grades)

Four TDS friends will have Ms. Tedeschi and Mrs. Simpson all to themselves for an afternoon of artistic and culinary creativity! Mrs. Simpson and Ms. Tedeschi will plan a hands-on art project and cooking/baking activity for all to enjoy at either Ms. Tedeschi’s house in Durham or at Ms. Simpson’s Cary home (winner’s preference).  Expires June 7, 2017.

Literary Love Fest with Ms. Tedeschi and Mr. Forringer (all grades)

Calling all book lovers!  Ms. Tedeschi and Mr. Forringer invite a TDS student and a friend to spend an inspiring afternoon together perusing bookshelves for captivating stories and take-me-away tales. Each child will also get to select $25 worth of books before everyone breaks bread together at a favorite restaurant. Expires June 4, 2017.

Gaming Night with Mr. Forringer (grades 3rd-8th)

Invite friends to play on some of their favorite game systems on the Smart TVs at TDS with Mr. Forringer!  Epic Smash Mouth competitions, fierce Wii Sports contests, smooth Just Dance moves…whatever there is time for, and interest in, will be played from 5:00-9:00pm.  Dinner provided.  Best suited for a group of 8-10 people.  Expires June 7, 2017.

Lower School PE Teacher of the Day with Ms. Womble (TK-5th)

Take over for Ms. Womble and implement three (possibly, four) PE classes!  One lucky student will look the part, receiving a lanyard and a whistle, to show who’s in command but don’t worry — Ms. Womble will be on hand as the student assists in planning and supervising the classes. Expires June 7, 2017.

Minecraft Game Night and Pizza Party with Mrs. Cabrera and Mrs. Simpson (grades 3rd-8th)

It’s Team Cabrera vs. Team Simpson in a Minecraft game of “Capture the Flag!” Both groups will go head-to-head in finding each other team’s flag for the win.  Up to 12 students.  Expires June 1, 2017.

Dr. Schweller’s Movie Extravaganza, (grades 6th-8th)

Coming to theatres near you this spring are a few highly anticipated movie sequels!  One TDS student and 3 friends will enjoy a pizza dinner at TDS while viewing the original motion picture first, then see the sequel on a movie theater’s big screen.   Choose from the following options:

Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (PG-13) — May 5-June 5

Beauty & the Beast (animated) and Beauty & the Beast (live action) (PG-13) — March 17-May 1

The LEGO Movie and the LEGO Batman Movie (PG) — February 10-April 10

Batman vs. Super Man:  Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman (PG-13) — June 2-5

Note:  PG-13 ratings require parental approval.  Expires June 5, 2017.

Open Board Game Night with Ms. Carnes (grades 6th-8th)

Ready, set, spin!  Or roll!  Or pick a card!  One student and up to three friends will join Ms. Carnes for open board game night at Atomic Empire in Durham.  Bring a favorite from home or choose from any of the hundreds the shop has on hand.   The outing includes up to $25 for the winning bidder to spend at Atomic Empire.  Valid Monday nights only. Expires July 31, 2017.

Farm Trip and Ice Cream with Mrs. McAllister and Mr. Butera (grades 3rd-8th)

Take a trip to Pittsboro to the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge with Mrs. McAllister and Mr. Butera!  Up to eight TDS students will take a short tour of the sanctuary and feed the animals, then travel to Maple View Ice Cream for the freshest ice cream around.  Expires June 7, 2017.

Be Scrappy with Ms. Hopkins (grades 2nd-8th)

Get ready to be creative!  A unique array of materials and tools with which to create and execute one’s vision awaits at The Scrap Exchange, where one TDS student and three friends will visit the Make ‘N Take Room with Ms. Hopkins.  Make anything your heart desires using whatever you find in this space, then take home your handiwork.  Expires June 7, 2017.

An Afternoon Ice Skating with Ms. Logan (all grades)

Lace up your skates and hit the ice one afternoon at the Orange County Sportsplex with Ms. Logan!  One student and three friends can show off their triple-toe loops, double axels and transition moves, then grab a quick bite or an indulgent dessert when fingers and toes get frosty.  Expires May 1, 2017.

At the Movies with Ms. Hoyle and Ms. Vera (all grades)

Ms. Hoyle and Ms. Vera will get two thumbs up when they escort four kids to the Silverspot Cinema in Chapel Hill.  All will kick back in the comfortable, cushioned leather seats to view the movie, and will grab some lunch before or afterwards, depending upon show time.  Expires April 1, 2017.

Fairy Magic with Mrs. Durham and Ms. Aguilar (all grades)

Legend has it that fairies bring good luck!  One student and three friends will spend the afternoon with Mrs. Durham and Ms. Aguilar creating miniature fairy gardens and/or gnome homes from natural materials and whimsical elements to attract little winged friends to drop by. Students will take home an enchanting fairy garden of their own making, fairies in a bottle and fairy wings to wear.  Available in March, April or May.  Expires June 7, 2017.

TDS Art Club Session with Mrs. Hughes (TK-5th)

Foster a budding artist’s imagination and creativity with a five-week session of Mrs. Hughes’ popular Art Club!  The curriculum gives students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of media through age appropriate projects in a fun, stress-free environment.  Classes meet from 3:15-4:15pm after school on Wednesdays in the Art Room.  Upcoming sessions are soon-to-be announced.  Expires June 7, 2017.

Be an Art Apprentice to Ms. Lucas (grades 2nd-8th)

Assist TDS’ own artist-in-residence Ms. Lucas!  Help prepare the art room for the day; assist in demonstrating techniques in a variety of mediums; gain an understanding of textures, shapes and colors; and guide students through their projects.  Catch Ms. Lucas’ engaging spirit as she encourages artistic abilities, cultivates creative expression, and yes, cleans up the materials, too.  This opportunity is available on any Monday, Tuesday or Thursday during the school year.  Expires June 7, 2017.

Tacos and Trekking with Dr. Bankhead (all grades)

Head into la cocina for a hands-on taco tutorial accompanied by the sounds of contemporary Latino music, then work off those calories with a hike through the woods along the Eno.  Activities — e.g. playing in the river, exploring a deserted barn, jumping from the loft, collecting and climbing rocks — will be chosen according to interest and individuals’ abilities.  Up to 8 TDS students can enjoy this Saturday afternoon with Dr. Bankhead and his partner, Stuart Cantrell.  Expires July 31, 2017.

A Day at the Museum with Mr. Dowd (all grades)

Join Se~or Dowd and his son Bodhi one afternoon at Durham’s Museum of Life and Science.  One lucky student and his/her friend will visit the animals, dig for fossils, spot butterflies by their wings, play hide and seek among the tree houses, and explore all of the myriad activities that the museum has to offer.  Afterwards, they’ll head downtown to the Parlour for the best ice cream in town.  Expires June 7, 2017.

Get in Concert with Mrs. Bassler (all grades)

One TDS student and two friends will accompany Mrs. Bassler to a Young People Concert Series performance by the NC Symphony.  Choose from “Gershwin’s Magic Key” (February 4) or “An Afternoon with Dr. Seuss” (May 13).  Treats are involved, too, pre- or post-performance, depending upon show time.  Expires May 13, 2017.

Afternoon of Science with Dr. Nelson (grades TK-5th)

Dr. Nelson invites one student and up to five of his/her friends to explore the wonderful world of science in the Lower School science lab!  Choose the theme: Blast Off for Adventure, Silly Slimy Fun, Our Unseen World, Fun with Polymers, Wetlands Wonderland, or Spa Chemistry. At the end of the afternoon, there will be cool take-home goodies and more scientific ideas and experiments to try at home.  Expires June 2, 2017.

Climb the Walls with Mrs. Morrison and Ms. Vera (all grades)

Join Mrs. Morrison and Ms. Vera for two hours of rock wall climbing at the Triangle Rock Club in Morrisville.  Four students will scale new heights while safely harnessed, working up an appetite that they will satisfy with lunch after climbing. No prior experience necessary!  Expires April 1, 2017.