2016 Fund-a-Cause

A Technology Revolution


In recent years, the Fund-A-Cause has become an integral component of the auction, with donors raising their paddles in support of a specific initiative. This year, we aim to revolutionize the way that children learn and use technology at TDS. Fund-A-Cause dollars will go toward improving the STEM education at TDS. Specifically, we plan to invest in a 3-D printer, additional computers, improved infrastructure, and professional development for teachers.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. New computers, faster Internet, and teacher training all sound great, but what does this mean for your child? It means more advanced programming lessons for the lower school, programming electives for the middle school, learning from a more connected, global perspective, and being better prepared for the future technological age. It means their teachers will have the opportunity to gain professional training on how to best integrate technology into their classrooms. It means your children will be better prepared for future careers in science, technology, engineering, and math and all the industries that use these concepts.

STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmatics, icons, symbols.

I hope that you will consider supporting the TDS STEM program by raising a paddle for the Fund-A-Cause at the Auction. If you cannot attend the Auction, please consider making a Fund-A-Cause donation online.

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