Science Olympiad

Working in the Maker SpaceStroll through the Kussin Commons on a Tuesday afternoon, and you’ll see upper elementary students designing, building, tinkering, researching, experimenting, collaborating, and having fun. You’ll also see a cadre of Lower School parents sharing their expertise and nudging the young scientists in the right direction. Stop by on a Saturday or Sunday, and you’ll see Middle Schoolers happily engaged similar pursuits. Providing masterful vision, leadership, and organization is Lori Khan (MS Science), who brought Science Olympiad to TDS two years ago.

Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad hosts exciting tournaments and competitions in all fifty states that offer rigorous, standards-based challenges. This past Saturday, Middle School teams from twenty-two area schools competed in twenty-four different events, vying for an opportunity to advance to the State tournament in Raleigh.

All members of the TDS team medaled in at least one event, including:
1st place

  • Claire Collier and Kylie Hansell – Density Lab
  • Claire Collier and Merinda Harry – Dynamic Planet
  • Ian Mosquin and Conlan Sharp – Fossils
  • Brandon Fox and Cooper Phillips – Mission Possible

2nd place

  • Ana Dombrosky and Claire Collier – Ornithology
  • Oliver Guan and Jason Sorin – Water Quality

3rd place

  • Devon Lindberg and Kate Norry – Boomilever
  • Oliver Guan and Jason Sorin – Reach for the Stars

4th place

  • Merinda Harry and Conlan Sharp – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Oliver Guan and Jason Sorin – Disease Detectives

5th place

  • Lulu Burnside and Taleah Fields – Circuit Lab
  • Brandon Fox and Cooper Phillips – Mousetrap Vehicle
  • Kate Norry and Claire Collier – Road Scholar

6th place

  • Ian Mosquin and Conlan Sharp – Food Science
MS SciOly Team wins 4th place

The biggest news came at the end of a marathon Saturday. With a 4th place finish, the TDS team has punched its ticket to Raleigh for the second straight year. Congratulations to Coach Khan and our entire team, and good luck to our upper elementary students, who compete on April 25th.

Doug Norry
Head of School