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“Kids seem to really love it here. We take pride in our school.”


Welcome TDS Families

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of the Eagle’s landing on the moon. I have been fascinated by the coverage, including 13 Minutes to the Moon, a BBC podcast that uses the final 13-minute lunar approach as a springboard to tell the broader story of the people behind the Apollo program. In particular, I was […]

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What’s Happening in Lower School – May 23, 2019

It’s hard to believe that the journey of learning and growing that we began together on August 22 is drawing to a close. In just two short weeks, our days will be filled with popsicles and swimming pools. In the meantime, Lower School students are enjoying these final days with field trips and special events […]

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What’s Happening in Middle School – May 23, 2019

Last week, middle school students had the opportunity to travel to Williamsburg for their end-of-year trip! They had the opportunity to explore Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg. Students toured each area of Jamestown, trying their hand at grinding corn and scraping hides. They also learned about a mysterious incident involving John Smith, who was injured […]

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TK Goes to Middle School

While the TDS Middle School students and teachers were away for their end-of-year trip to Jamestown, Ms. DeLa Torre’s transitional kindergarten students got to be the big kids for a change! Here’s a short video of what they were up to!

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A Message from the Head – 5/16/2019

Those who attended this year’s Auction remember the “Head of School for a Day” experience. Today, Tyler Fox is serving as Head of School. Thus far, he has greeted your children with a handshake, decreed extra recess in TK-2nd grade, helped clear some bookshelves, and weighed in on a number of initiatives. If you have […]

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What’s Happening in Middle School – May 9, 2019

The middle school students are gearing up for their end-of-year trip next week! Each year of their middle school career, the students travel to a different location for their end-of-year trip. Last year the students visited Washington DC, and this year they will be visiting Williamsburg, Virginia. In addition to exploring the sites of Colonial […]

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What’s Happening in Lower School – May 9, 2019

Sometime in the last couple weeks, the inexorable turn toward summer commenced.  Sunblock and bubbles appeared at the drugstore. Hot, sweaty kids started begging for water at recess.  Talk of end-of-year trips like the GFGA (Great Fifth Grade Adventure, for the uninitiated) began to dominate conversations. Despite any summery distractions, Lower School students continue to […]

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Middle School News – May 3, 2019

Here is the most recent middle school newsletter! Additionally, I wanted to send out a quick heads up to our 8th grade parents that each eighth grader was given five invitations to graduation to bring home. These invitations are for you to send out to anyone you wish to invite to your child’s graduation. Please note that you are not limited to four guests, but can invite as many people as you wish. We also have additional invitations if you need more.

Emily McAllister
Middle School Director

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Gift card orders through April 24 at 4pm

Scrip Orders:  Did you know you could do your shopping and support TDS in the process? Raise money for TDS by purchasing gift cards to your favorite restaurants, retailers, and hotels through the Scrip program. We earn cash on each card sold; the cards incur no fees and never expire. We will be taking orders now through 4 PM on Wednesday, April 24th. The […]

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International Festival, Friday, April 26

Our International Festival on Friday, April 26th is fast approaching and we are in need of volunteers for our International Cafe! If you are interested in providing food, please click here. If you would like to volunteer to serve food or assist in a classroom, please click here.

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