Acts in this year’s Talent Show

“Kids seem to really love it here. We take pride in our school.”


How Many Times: February 2009

Last week, we found ourselves in the kitchen before dinner. Will repeatedly asked for a cup of water. One of our house rules – loosely applied – is that you get water for yourself. All three kids can reach the supply of cups and the button on our refrigerator. After a few of his pleas were ignored, Will uttered these exact words in an exasperated voice: “How many times do I have to ask you to get me water?”

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The Need to Slow Down

Both as a teacher/administrator and a member of a gigantic extended family that travels well, I have attended my fair share of graduations over the years. While I’ve seen a few A-listers deliver remarks, most speeches blend together in my mind. In 1999, after a year of teaching math and science at The Bryn Mawr […]

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Swinging for the Fences: April 2011

With all three of my children having now been featured, this week’s missive from “the vault” returns to Emily. The thirty minutes highlighted below took place on a spring afternoon nine years ago (almost to the day). For the record, Emily’s baseball career was over before it started, but I’d like to think that lessons […]

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Executive Function in Distance Learning

Yesterday, I attended a webinar on Executive Function Challenges in Distance Learning. Executive function is a set of mental skills that help us to organize our days, focus our attention, and handle our emotions. In other words, the skills that we need to function productively on a daily basis, and the skills that our children […]

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Strengthening Connections in Middle School

Wednesday is Art Club. Our middle school artists show off their work to Ms. Lucas and are given an optional assignment to work on during club time, such as drawing their pet or creating “cloud people.” This week, students played Pictionary with Ms. Lucas! Next up, Thursday is Dance Club! Students can join Mrs. Khan […]

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