Puerto Rico Potluck and Raffle November 16th, $5.00

We will be hosting a Latin food themed Potluck and Raffle to raise money for aid in Puerto Rico. This Potluck will be for children and parents on Thursday, November 16th from 12:00 to 1:15 PM in the TDS Commons.

All children will have the option of dining at the Potluck for $5. [You might want to cancel your lunch order that day, if applicable.] Parents are welcome to join their children for the Potluck. Again, please bring $5.

In addition, we will have a special raffle to win a night out for you and another TDS family to take a free Salsa or Bachata class while Mr. Straus takes care of your children!  Raffle tickets will be sold for $10.

We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to provide some food for this event. If you can help, please complete this form. Here are some great options: GuacamoleChicken TacosPlantainsQuinoa SaladPupusas. All those providing food will earn a free raffle ticket.