Hour of Code @ TDS

Computer coding is becoming an increasingly popular activity for TDS students. Last year during Computer Science Week, many of our Middle School students were introduced to coding for the first time. Thanks to Mrs. Cabrera, on Tuesday our students used the computer languages of HTML, CSS, and Java in order to create their own avatars. This activity provided a great opportunity for students to hone their coding skills while producing something unique and creative.

Understanding computer language is not only a “cool” thing, but a valuable tool for this changing world. In an August, 2015 Forbes Magazine article, Harsh Patel writes: “The United States job market is undergoing a dramatic shift, such that by 2020 nearly one million coding jobs will be unfulfilled based on projections from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.”  As a society we have become increasingly reliant on computer-based technology, yet our nation’s schools are not necessarily keeping up with these innovations. Fortunately for our students, this is not the case at TDS.