100th Day of School

We just celebrated the 100th day of school. Check out our Lower School 100th day Projects:


students wrote 100 words, ate a 100-piece snack, put together a 100-piece puzzle, and did 100 exercises. Mr. Norry read the class their 100th book of the year, and then students put 100 magnets on his car!




Kindergartners did several 100th day projects: 100 legos/blocks structure, 100 cup stacking, 100 beads necklace, 100 pattern blocks picture. They also wrote about 100 things they would want and 100 things they would NOT want. In both TK and K, students brought in 100 items of their choice.





File_0031st grade certainly enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school! Children estimated numbers of cubes up to 100. Everyone had fun playing “Race to a Dollar,” trading pennies for dimes and ultimately making $1.00. Outside movement activities, such as jumping jacks and hopping, were enjoyed. Students saw how long it took to do 10 and then multiplied this by 10 to see how long it would take to do 100. They walked 100 steps, which took 90 seconds! Activities also included measuring 100 centimeters, deciding what they would do with 100 items, and what they might be like at 100 years old! Everyone was amazed at how fast the school year has gone!

2nd graders did some 100th day math work and danced to skip counting videos on Go Noodle.

3rd grade put together a 100th day book, made wampum bead necklaces worth 100 points, hunted for 100 parts of speech, and completed movement games and contests centered around the number 100. Students also brought in and shared 100th day projects.