Midterms in Middle School

December 16, 2021

One of our primary goals throughout a student’s time in middle school is to prepare them for the increasing academic challenges of high school. To this end, we gradually phase in larger, cumulative midterm and final exams. In 6th grade, students do not take any midterms or final exams, while 7th graders have two of each (social studies and science midterms, and language arts and math finals). 8th graders have midterms and final exams in all of their core subjects, except Spanish. While these exams cover a lot of material, they are only worth 10% of a student’s semester average. We hope that this experience will improve students’ study skills and help prepare them for the demands of high school, but in a low stakes environment.

We put a number of supports in place to help prepare students for these exams. 7th and 8th graders have had limited homework and extra study hall time over the past week, to allow them additional time to study. They also had an early dismissal today, with the goal of allowing them to study and rest up for their exams tomorrow. The teachers have spent this week reviewing key material, and working on test-taking skills in advisory, with a lesson put together by Mrs. Stewart, our learning specialist.

Once midterms are over, students will spend Friday afternoon celebrating the start of break! The 7th and 8th graders will relax with a movie before our annual winter assembly.

We’re excited for all the festivities this week and for the conclusion of midterms! I hope all of the TDS families have a wonderful break.

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