In the event of an emergency or weather delay/closing, Triangle Day School has a few methods of communication to keep parents and the public informed of the school’s status.

TDS Website

Check the TDS homepage where there will be a message posted regarding the status of the school.  This will be posted by 6:30 AM (at the latest) on the day of the delay or closing.

Phone Call or Text Message to Parents

If there is a weather delay or school closing, parents will receive details through either a phone call or text message (depending on the time of day).  All notifications will go out prior to 6:30 AM on the day of the closing/delay.  In the rare case of an emergency, parents will receive a phone call notifying them as to the state of the school.  Information on how to proceed will be included in the call.

Email to Parents

Parents will receive an email notifying them of a weather delay, closing, or state of the school in case of emergency (if possible).