The Great Fifth Grade Adventure

Most schools have capstone Lower School experiences. In some cases, these involve a trip of some kind. At Triangle Day School, the students take charge of the entire process. Welcome to the Great Fifth Grade Adventure!

In this project, students:

  • choose a city within a certain radius from Durham, NC
  • research the city, and use the information to create a complete itinerary and budget for a two-night trip, including activities, meals, lodging and transportation
  • write a persuasive essay to convince the class that their trip is both educational and fun
  • create a display board to help with marketing their city
  • present their city, with full itinerary, to the class

From there, it’s democracy in action, as students listen to the presentations, form an opinion, and vote on their favorite city. Far from a theoretical experience, students then pack their bags and travel to the winning city for two nights in May, following the itinerary that the winner prepared.