Emily and the High Dive: January 2008

I have been writing missives for the TDS newsletter - some more interesting than others - for the past seven years. Prior to coming to TDS, I wrote similar pieces during my eight years as head of a middle school ...
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MS Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

Stroll through the Kussin Commons on a Tuesday afternoon, and you’ll see upper elementary students designing, building, tinkering, researching, experimenting, collaborating, and having fun. You’ll also see a cadre of Lower School parents sharing their expertise and nudging the young ...
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Faye Alston answers students' questions about her involvement and experience

A Visit from a Civil Rights Activist

Yesterday, the middle school had a presentation from Faye Alston, a civil rights activist who participated in the sit-in movement, and Danita Mason-Hogans, who is a member of Duke's Center for Documentary Studies. Our visitors shared information about the Triangle's ...
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What’s Happening in LS Complements?

Students in fourth grade love to share their Joys & Concerns during our morning meeting. Without fail, I hear, “My joy is that we have Art (or Science Lab or ____________ - Insert your favorite complement class here.) today.” Complement ...
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Science Fair vs Science Expo

Twenty years ago, I taught 8th grade Physical Science at an independent school in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time, I had mixed emotions about the annual Science Fair. Students certainly learned about the scientific method, and many grew more independent ...
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Science Expo

Throughout the year, the middle schoolers have been working on their Science Expo projects, an inquiry-based project that requires them to apply the scientific method, conduct experiments, and track and publish their results. Their experiments ranged from testing water filtration ...
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