Poetry Night – April 10, 2014

Last night, a new TDS tradition was born in the library. Lauren Logan, 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher, hosted a Poetry Night. All students in 7th and 8th grade have composed different types of poems in their Language Arts classes, and, with Mrs. Logan’s help, many have submitted these poems for publication.

Last night was organized as open mic – an opportunity for students to read their works to a wider audience. Mrs. Logan began with a famous poem by Robert Frost, and she closed the evening by reading some Emily Dickinson. In between, twenty-five 7th and 8th graders took the stage. Participants included: Swati Sundar, Cristina Kovalik, Felix Braun, Carter Klein, Sean Cleary, Emily Abramowitz, Elias Zauscher, Natasha Waters, Ellie Nechyba, Caroline Ballard, Matt Eberst, Cole Hinson, Jacob Bowers, Rory Legg-Bell, Alex Middleton, Chris Egersdoerfer, McKenna Colgan, Jake Zilles, Gus Peters, Sarah Nelson, Brooke Davies, Lauren Pettibone, Elizabeth Eberst, Alex LeGrand, and Savannah Barnes

Students read haikus, sonnets, free verse and everything in between. Below are just a few examples.

I am Fog by Felix Braun

I am fog.

I hide things from people.

I cover objects you should see.

I do not make sounds,

But sounds come from around me.

I am like a cloud roaming the Earth’s surface.

Drip, drip, I collect on the leaves.

You can breathe me, but not see through me.

I have a crisp, clean, wet smell.

If you collect enough, you can drink me.

Sometimes I’m thin, sometimes I’m thick,

But I am always light in the air.

The wind blows me away.

I drift to a new place,

Maybe to the clouds in the sky.

Now, you feel free.

Power by Swati Sundar

I have power.

Not the type that you’d think,

With swords and with shields.

No, my power is better.

I carry it not within these untrained muscles,

But within this enhanced brain and mind.

I carry it with me, everywhere I go.

I trust it to protect me from the dangers of the world.

Not from beasts or from monsters,

But from insults and rumors.


I am like the queen looking out over her terrace,

Over her loyal subjects that protect her from harm.

I am the magician with wand in hand,

A wand with which to conjure up the untold.

I am the child with imagination as vast as the sky,

Imagination that spans the galaxy.

If you I look in a mirror, I am not made up of skin and bones,

But of words, of thoughts, of dreams.


I carry the power.

I carry it in words more powerful than sticks and stones.

I carry it within the pen that is mightier than the sword.

I am no witch or warrior.

I am like you.

I am a listener, a reader, and a writer.

Our Fallen Heroes by Alex LeGrand

Our fallen heroes we shall not forget.

Babies whimpered, people lost light.

They risked their lives, they did not sit.

They did not quit, they stood to fight.

Saving the helpless is what they did.

An emotional time for them had come.

They helped the world with no quid pro quo.

It’s time for them to beat the drum.

We listen, we praise, we ask for more.

They nod their heads and never back down.

They’re here forever, forever more.

They saved a country, they saved a town.

Remember them as one of you.

But remember what they did for us.

Kudos to all the 7th and 8th graders for sharing their thoughts and feelings in such a creative way, and thanks to Mrs. Logan for orchestrating this evening. It was a stunning success.