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How Many Times: February 2009

I typically begin the last newsletter of the year by reflecting on the frenetic pace and event-heavy final weeks of May, urging everyone to savor the slower pace of summer, and the opportunities for more family time. This year, with all events and activities cancelled, we’ve had an eleven-week jump start on this slower pace, […]

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The Need to Slow Down

Both as a teacher/administrator and a member of a gigantic extended family that travels well, I have attended my fair share of graduations over the years. While I’ve seen a few A-listers deliver remarks, most speeches blend together in my mind.In 1999, after a year of teaching math and science at The Bryn Mawr School […]

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Mornings with Kate: November 2010

Since the first two missives from “the vault” focused on Will and Emily, it seems only fair that Kate (TDS Class of 2020) is the subject of today’s piece. For as long as I can remember, we have affectionately referred to Kate as “something else.” Just one disclaimer: my musing about “consistent enforcement of rules” […]

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Will and his Six Sentences: November 2009

You’ll recall that, two weeks ago, I decided to “open the vault” and share some of my old newsletter missives about my own children. Today’s installment focuses on Will Norry, now a high school senior, and the start of his writing career. My son completes his homework at the kitchen table. While this arrangement has […]

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Emily and the High Dive: January 2008

I have been writing missives for the TDS newsletter – some more interesting than others – for the past seven years. Prior to coming to TDS, I wrote similar pieces during my eight years as head of a middle school in Maryland. Some of my favorites focused on my children. With their permission (more or […]

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