Science Olympiad Teams Head to Competition

April 28, 2022

The Science Olympiad season has come to an end, and both the Lower School and Middle School teams did a great job in their competitions!

After the middle school team placed 3rd in their region, they travelled to the state competition this past weekend, where they competed against 42 other teams. The team performed very well, placing 15th in the state, and medaling in 5 events.

Event Place Team Members
Aerial Scrambler (trial) 19 Zeke, Anna
A&P 11 Conlan, Nello
Bio Lab Process 14 Kai, Aaron
Bottle Rocket 26 Aaron, Peter
Bridge 12 Nureen, Kai
Codebusters 30 Jack, Anna, Peter
Crave the Wave 12 Conlan, Nello
Crimebusters 38 Peter, Blake
Disease Detectives 4 Joseph, Blake
Dynamic Planet 21 Nureen, Blake
Electric Wright Stuff 31 Anna, Wills
Experimental Design 8 Nureen, Anna, Wills, Joseph
Fast Facts (trial) 24 Aaron, Kai
Green Generation 19 Blake, Anna
Meteorology 13 Nureen, Joseph
Mission Possible 12 Wills, Nureen, Matthew
Mousetrap Vehicle 28 Aaron, Zeke
Ornithology 5 Conlan, Nello
Picture This 20 Kai, Aaron, Matthew
Ping Pong Parachute (trial) 11 Blake, Peter
Road Scholar 19 Nello, Nureen
Rocks and Minerals 25 Joseph, Jack
Solar Power (trial) 10 Nureen, Joseph
Solar System 13 Joseph, Jack
Sounds of Music 7 Conlan, Anna
Storm the Castle 33 Zeke, Matthew
Write It Do It 40 Zeke, Wills, Peter

Meanwhile, the Lower School team placed 4th out of the 10 teams in their region, and medaled in 8 events!

Event Place Team Members
3, 2, 1, Blast Off 5 Leo, William
Backyard Bio 5 Omar, Walter
Bridgearoni 4 Landon, Elliot
Chew the Fat 3 Melody, LJ
Codebusters 3 Sohan, Keshav
Data Crunchers 3 Landon, Leo
DIBI 4 Elliott, Landon
Duct Tape Challenge 6 Melody, Elizabeth
Ecology Experts 1 Omar, Poppy
Fossils 4 Bodhi, Elliot
Genes R Us 3 Sohan, Keshav
Landformers 2 Leo, Omar
Marshmallow Catapult 4 Oliver, Walter
Newtons’ Notions 2 Keshav, Jenevieve
Science Password 6 Sarah, Jenevieve, Caitlyn
Sky Quest 5 Izzy, William
STEM Rollercoaster 4 LJ, Poppy, Bodhi
Super Sleuth 1 William, Izzy
Weather Permitting 5 Sarah, Caitlyn

Congratulations to all of our wonderful Science Olympiad participants and to Lori Khan, who did an amazing job leading both teams!

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