Meet Mrs. Turkington

February 24, 2022

Shelley Turkington has fearlessly stepped into our science lab and filled it with experimentation, exploration, and wonder.

Where were you on your teaching journey before joining us at TDS?
I was in my fifth year of teaching lab science to K-5 elementary students at Hillandale Elementary School here in Durham.

What is your favorite thing about TDS so far?
I love how welcoming and supportive everyone (children and adults) have been. It’s made a tricky mid-year transition a whole lot easier. It’s also clear to me how much people enjoy being part of the TDS community.

Family and Pets?
My husband, Tim, and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last summer. He is a physicist in Nuclear Medicine at Duke. Our daughter, Emily, is a graduate student at UNC (working on an MPH) and our son, Sam, is a freshman Engineering student at NC State. We have a dog named Bengal and a hedgehog named Thor.

Hobbies and Interests?
I love to sing! I am a member of Women’s Voices Chorus. That’s where I met Amie Tedeschi 10 years ago! I’ve also had the opportunity to sing with Ali Carnes in a few concerts. I also love to travel, especially when I can experience new places and new cultures.

Food: Coconut cake
Drink: Coffee
Movie: Doctor Zhivago (it’s my perfect snow day watch), or This Is Spinal Tap (always makes me laugh).
Book: Anything by Louise Penny
Song/Band/Album: “From a Distance”
Team: We’re a “house divided” now, so, when I’m not cheering for Duke, I’m learning to cheer for NC State and Carolina.

Fun Fact:
My sisters were both college students at Duke when I was born.

Positive Changes
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