November 15, 2021

One of my favorite things about the Middle School curriculum is our focus on experiential learning in science! Covid-19 has made running science labs especially challenging over the past two years, but our science teachers have done a great job adapting and making sure that students have lots of opportunities for hands-on learning.

Just in the past two weeks, students have had a number of fun-filled labs.

7th grade has had some especially yummy labs, getting to review meiosis with gummy worm modeling and to model mitosis with Oreos.

8th grade got in on the fun, modeling radioactive decay with skittles and creating Bohr models with cookies.

On the less yummy side, some of the other labs lately have involved examining the role of carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis, investigating anaerobic respiration, both with yeast and sugar and with their own muscles.

I’m always excited to see and hear what the kids are up to in science class (and sometimes, to get to eat leftover Oreos)!

The Return of Smiling Faces