October 31, 2019

Each year, the graduating 8th grade class gives a gift to the school. In years past, these gifts have included items such as the new water fountain and funding for our covered seating area. This past year, the 8th grade class donated a makerspace, which is located in the middle school lounge. At graduation, two 8th graders offered the following thoughts to dedicate the space:

“Every child’s mind should be allowed to flourish in a sea of crazy and imaginative ideas. Every child should be allowed to every once in a while have the limitations taken away and just be given the tools to make whatever they want. We as an 8th grade class have come a long way. We’ve been able to use our imagination over the years to do some truly incredible things, and yes, some of those things were incredibly stupid, but that’s not the point. We as a class believe that creativity should be supported and encouraged, and we as a class want this to be ensured for future generations. We may be leaving for a long time perhaps, but we want to be able to give something back. And that’s why, as a token of gratitude for the love and care this school has shown for us, the 8th grade class of 2019 is proud to announce the creation of a makerspace to ensure that kids like us will continue to come up with the craziest ideas imaginable.”

Since the school year began, we’ve been assembling the supplies needed to make this makerspace a reality. The space is small, but we’ve fit some essential items to support and encourage that creativity: a huge whiteboard for those crazy and imaginative ideas along with supplies, tools, and a large workspace to bring those ideas to life.

With only the final touches remaining to complete the space, I’ve already seen middle schoolers putting it into action. Creative Writing took advantage of the large whiteboard to map out a novel, while Science Olympiad pulled supplies off the shelves and starting building for their competition. I’m excited to see what else the kids create in this space!

Emily McAllister
Middle School Director

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