Annual Auction FAQs

1. Why does TDS have an auction?

The auction is one of the primary fundraising initiatives for the year, and it is essential to the success of Triangle Day School. Proceeds raised from the event – which, in the past, have exceeded $100,000 — go directly into TDS’ operating budget. These funds help maintain our rich curriculum, extensive student services, and exceptional staff. The auction is also a fun way to spend an evening socializing with other members of the TDS community!

2. When and where is the auction?

Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 6:30-10:30pm at Bay 7 on the American Tobacco Campus. The Silent Auction and cocktail hour will begin promptly at 6:30pm, followed by dinner, the Live Auction, the Fund-A-Cause, and live band entertainment.

3. How much is admission, and what is included?

A ticket is $100 per person, which includes passed hors d’oeuvres, a full open-bar, and a seated multi-course dinner with dessert. Additional ticket options include purchasing a table for 10, teacher sponsorships, and other sponsorships at various levels.

4. Sponsor a Teacher? Aren't their tickets complimentary?

Yes, faculty and staff (plus a guest) attend the auction at no charge; however, we pay for their tickets out of the auction budget. By sponsoring a teacher, you help offset those expenses so that more of the auction proceeds can directly benefit the school.

5. How do I tell you who I want to sit with at the auction?

As you purchase tickets, there will be a field for Special Accommodations on the Additional Information page. Here, you may simply list the names of the guests who wish to be seated together. If there are any questions when we are working on table assignments, we will contact you for clarification.

6. What kinds of items are up for bid?

There will be a range of items to bid on including services, getaways, physical goods, school-associated items and experiences. We also have Class Projects and Teacher Experiences. Our Silent Auction catalog has items in all price points, from $20 on up. There’s something for every budget — you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time and help the school!

7. Is there a catalog of items up for bid?

Yes – you can view the catalog of auction items here closer to the day of the event. There will also be a limited number of print catalogs available at the auction itself. In the meantime, we have last year’s catalog available for viewing here, which will give you an idea of what items are typically up for bid.

Silent Auction items will also be set up on table displays at the event as well, allowing you the opportunity to see them up close and in person when you arrive for the cocktail hour.

8. How does the auction work?

The Silent Auction is conducted via a mobile bidding application developed by TDS parent Sam Taylor. In the days before the event, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the bidding app onto your iPhone or iPad from the App Store (currently available only on Apple devices). The app allows you to see and anonymously bid on all Silent Auction Items from wherever you are — it even updates you when you have been outbid! It’s fantastic, easy, and fun to use.
If you don’t have an Apple device, we will have them available for you to borrow during the auction.

The Silent Auction begins promptly at 6:30pm, in conjunction with the cocktail hour, and continues throughout the evening. Prior to the seated dinner, there is ample opportunity to view the silent auction items on tables displayed throughout the venue. Bidding continues throughout the meal so be sure to keep an eye on your most waned items! An announcement will be made prior to the end of the Silent Auction so you can place any last-minute bids.

The Fund-A-Cause is the segment of the evening which involves a lively form of pledging cash donations to this year’s Fund-A-Cause. Bidding is done via raising your bidder number (which you receive upon arrival) or entering your donation via the Fund-A-Cause button on the app. For more information about this year’s Fund-A-Cause, click here.
The Live Auction begins after dinner and is conducted by a professional auctioneer. For these items, bidders raise their bidder numbers they receive upon the evening’s check-in. This is where the night gets fun, and sometimes a little crazy — in a good way! Items generally included in the Live Auction are a combination of unique opportunities, school/classroom/teacher experiences, getaways and anything else that’s spectacular.

Once all bidding is concluded, you may check out, collect your items, and head home with your new belongings.

9. What is the Fund-A-Cause?

Each year, the Head of School designates a particular area of need for the school, and donations to the Fund-A-Cause are earmarked specifically for these projects and items. The Fund-A-Cause is an integral component of the live auction, with donors raising their paddles in support of a specific initiative. For more information on this year’s Fund-A-Cause, click here.

10. Tell me about these “Teacher Experiences” I keep hearing about!

Each year, our amazing faculty and administrative staff offer up fantastic outings and experiences to share with one or more TDS students. These are some of the most popular items offered each year. Some are organized by a group of faculty/staff for a larger group of students and are the highlight of the Live Auction. Other experiences will be part of the Silent Auction, available for bid via the mobile app. Click here for more details on this year’s Teacher Experiences.

11. How and when do I pay for the goods & services I purchase?

We encourage bidders, and require any non-TDS families, to pay at the conclusion of the evening’s auction. Current TDS parents can also pay up to 2 weeks following the auction by sending a check to the school; any bills outstanding after 2 weeks will be billed to their TADS account. All items from both the Silent and Live Auctions will be available for pick-up at the end of the evening. Simply bring your bidder number to the check-out table, and we will walk you through the rest.

12. Can I round up my total for the evening?

Why, yes, you can! You can round up your total to the nearest $100 or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, the nearest $1000. It simplifies your bookkeeping and raises more money for the school – a win/win!

13. Do I have to buy something at the auction?

No! We hope you do, but your ticket price fully covers the cost of the evening.

14. Will people know what I’m buying and/or how much I’m spending?

All Silent Auction bidding is done via the mobile app; the winning bid amount will be displayed on the app, but it is not publicly associated with a name. For the Live Auction and Fund-A-Cause, your name and bid amount may be displayed that evening.

If you would like to anonymously donate money towards the auction, you may do so online prior to the event using the “Donate” button on the webpage.

15. How does TDS acquire items for the auction?

A team of parent volunteers solicit local and national businesses for donations. Of course, there are always things we would love to be able to offer that we are unable to source through our corporate donors, and so we ask TDS families to consider donating items as well. If you aren’t sure what to donate or would like some suggestions, please visit the Auction Donation Wish List where you can sign up to provide an item we wish to offer for sale but have not yet acquired. (There is also a “2017 Donation Wish List” button on the auction webpage.) A cash donation is always welcome, too, as it allows us to purchase the missing pieces for some of our packages. To donate an item, please fill out the Auction Donation Form.

16. Can I donate tickets to a sporting event/show if the date is prior to the auction?

In theory, yes, but due to the early date of this year’s event, we would prefer to receive donations for experiences that will occur AFTER the date of the auction.

17. What should I wear?

We encourage you to join in the fun and dress per the evening’s theme. This year’s theme is Dance Fever 70s so if you want to don gold lame, a wrap dress or bell bottoms, feel free! Cocktail to black-tie attire is typical alternative wear as well. We want all our guests to be comfortable.

18. Can I bring my friends if they do not have children attending Triangle Day School?

YES! All are welcome! The auction is a social, fun event for all our guests, and we need buyers to make it a financial success — the more the merrier. Note: tables seat ten people. To request individuals with whom you wish to be seated, please enter their names in the Special Accommodations section when buying your ticket.

19. How much of what I spend for the auction is tax deductible?

Admission tickets to the auction cover the actual cost of your food and drink at the event and are not tax deductible.

Donations (of items and cash) to the event are USUALLY tax deductible.

In terms of “won” auction items: if you pay more for an item than the stated value of the item, any amount over the stated value MAY be tax deductible.

As always, please consult your personal tax advisor or accountant for advice on what may be deductible in your particular situation.

20. Do you need volunteers for the auction?

The TDS Auction is planned and staffed entirely by volunteers. If you’d like to help, we have an array of opportunities to put you to work, encompassing everything from acquisitions to class projects to set-up and breakdown. Some tasks can be done from home with a phone and a computer, while others involve a number of meetings. Each job provides a wonderful opportunity to become more integrated with the TDS community through meeting and working with other parents, all towards a common goal of providing exceptional education for our children. Please contact co-chairs Kate Seaber or Sheryl Blackwell if you are interested in assisting with this year’s auction.