Transitional Kindergarten

Hello TK Parents,

Our class has accomplished two major recycled art projects this week in order to celebrate Earth Day!  Our first piece was on display at the Art Fair, a collage of salvaged art materials on cardboard.  The second and largest installation is across the street attached to the black fence. For two years students and staff at TDS have been collecting caps and lids,  everything from milk jugs to applesauce pouches. All year our class has sorted the lids by color and this month we started stringing them onto broken jump ropes.  We have spelled out Triangle Day School in a rainbow pattern!  The whole project has been extreme hands on learning.  By counting, sorting and stringing the caps, our class has had a ton of fine motor practice. Give your child a pat on the back, they have made TDS a more beautiful place and reduced  waste!

In other news, chicks will soon be hatching in the lowers school science lab.  To keep up with the developments you can watch them via webcam at:

This week’s homework is to create a transportation prototype.  Each child is bringing home their design in the green folder.  Designs should be followed as closely as possible (match colors and shapes of the vehicle to the drawing).  These vehicles can be made out of any discarded materials.  No need to go out and buy a new Lego set. We made boats out of egg cartons last week.  Vehicles are due by Friday with the design sheet.  All will be displayed in the hall.

Thank you for all you do to support our program,

Ms. DeLaTorre & Ms. Riebl