Second Grade

To start I just want to say thank you for submitting all the Student Treasures forms on time. Your children have worked incredibly hard on their writing project and our class is incredibly excited for you to see the final product later this year. I hope you’re looking forward to learning how your children are going to fight global warming, protect snow leopards, clean up ocean pollution and infuse the world with more kindness.

We wrapped up our first unit on shapes and solid figures today, but will continue with geometry next week. Students will build off their current knowledge by learning to identify a greater number of plane shapes (hexagon and pentagon) and will learn more about the complexity of naming plane shapes (all squares are also rectangles and all rectangles are also quadrilaterals). We will also construct and deconstruct larger shapes and figures. We will also construct and deconstruct models using solid figures. Lastly, students will use plane shapes and solid figures to construct and extend patterns. New vocabulary words will include face, angle and pattern unit.

In social studies we will conclude our unit on the world around us. So far we have studied maps, landforms, climate, natural resources and human influences on the environment. We will discuss transportation and communication, as well as the impact technology has had on those areas. We will review everything we learned this chapter and then take a chapter assessment on Thursday.

April is National Poetry Month and although we are a little late to the game we will be celebrating poetry next week. On Thursday we will be celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day. All students are being asked to find a poem they love and want to share with the class. They will then keep that poem in their pocket all day and will read the poem during our Poetry Slam.

The TDS chicks are hatching! You can view their progress by watching them via webcam using this link.

Lastly, we have lots of exciting events coming up. On Saturday, Sandy and I hope to see you and your family at the TDS 25th Anniversary Party. Next week we will be going to the Senior Center on Monday and a lab at Duke on Tuesday. We also have Jump Rope for Heart on Friday. Please see the complete calendar of events below.

Next week we will work on Spelling List 6.1.

Ideas to keep the conversation going…

  1. Explore the American Academy of Poets website with your child. You can sign up to receive a poem a day, find nearby poetry events, read poems and more.
  2. Encourage your child to create their own patterns. They can do so by drawing, using toys or even making noises with their bodies. Create your own pattern and ask your child to extend it.
  3. Make a family Earth Day pledge. How can your family preserve natural resources and help keep our planet healthy and safe.