Second Grade

We had a fabulous time on our field trip to the Nasher and Duke Gardens today. Thank you for helping us make it so successful! I have already added photos to our class website, if you want to check out what we were up to today.  Next week we have another field trip to Senior Community Care Center. Our children will perform their Halloween Reader’s Theater plays.

In addition to practicing our fluency with Reader’s Theater, we will continue to work on identifying the Author’s Purpose in language arts next week. Students will read text selections and sort them into groups based on the author’s purpose. Our class will also review and take a test on Wordly Wise Lesson 3. Here is a link to flashcards and games if you would like to study the vocabulary words with your child.

In math we will continue working on addition and subtraction word problems. We are using bar models to help students visualize the problems and identify what the question is asking them to do. Word problems can be incredibly difficult and we will continue to work on them all year. Chapter 3 and 4 are the hardest chapters of the year for most students, so please make sure to support your child as necessary and encourage them. Also, please keep in mind that we are working towards year-end mastery of addition and subtraction with regrouping. The concepts are introduced this early in the year in order to give children more time to practice the skills.

Tomorrow we will continue to build our classroom community and deepen our understanding of good citizenship by reading Be the Change: A Grandfather Ghandi Story. The book is written by Mahatma Ghandi’s grandson, Arun Ghandi, and discusses a lesson he learned when he was living at his grandfather’s ashram. The book explains what it means to live a nonviolent life and illustrates the difference between physical violence and passive violence. Our class will replicate a craft Arun makes in the book to discuss acts of passive violence we see in the world and to strategize ways to live more peacefully.

Spirit Week is rapidly approaching. This year Spirit Week will be 10/30- 11/3 and Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Halloween Costume Day, Wednesday is Wacky Tacky Day, Thursday is Teacher/Student Swap Day and Friday is homeroom theme day (more info TBD). Fall Carnival will be on Friday 11/3.

Lastly, Friday’s spelling test is on List 2.2 Next week we will study List 2.3.

Keep the Conversation Going…

  1. Go on a vocabulary word hunt. Can you find any of our Wordly Wise words in books you are reading or in the world at large? Use the words in your interactions with your child and see if they notice the words. Encourage them to use the words in context.
  2. Draw a bar model and ask your child to write a word problem that matches the bar model. You can then have them solve the word problem. Your child can also draw a bar model for you and then assess if your word problem matches the model they drew.
  3. We will read ‘It’s Okay to Be Different’ by Todd Parr on Monday. What are some ways the members of your family are different from each other? What are some similarities? What are some ways your family is different? How are these differences strengths?