Second Grade


Happy Memorial Day! I hope you enjoy the long weekend and spend some quality time with family and friends. Tomorrow the class will learn a bit more about Memorial Day and will write letters to our troops through Operation Gratitude.

In Language Arts next week we will continue to review reading comprehension skills in our reading groups. Different groups of students will be targeting different skills based on what each child needs to review and practice before third grade. We will also be doing some fun read aloud activities. Next Wednesday we will read Last Stop on Market Street, the 2016 Newberry Medal Winner. In the book the character CJ closes his eyes and dreams as he listens to a man play the guitar on a public bus. After reading the book, students will have the chance to draw what they visualized while they experienced the song “Carolina in My Mind”.

Next week we will finish illustrating our favorite memory pieces and our ‘I Am’ poems. We will distribute a compilation book of the poems and memories the last week of school. Student will also continue playing various math games and working on small math tasks to review and strengthen key skills.

In social studies next week we will finish our last chapter on American history. Students will explore how technology, transportation and places have changed over time on Tuesday. The class will also review the whole chapter on Tuesday and we will take our final social studies assessment on Wednesday.

Tomorrow’s spelling test is on list 6.5. This will be the final spelling test of the year.

Ideas to keep the conversation going…

  1. Learn more about the various ways to support our troops, veterans and military families. The Wounded Warrior Project is a great way to get involved. You can also write more letters for Operation Gratitude.
  2. Continue to help your child reflect on the year. What did they learn? What do they need more help with? What hopes do they have for 3rd grade? What 2nd grade experiences are they grateful for?