Welcome to the KC and KM website!  Here you will find news about your children’s activities at school, reminders for upcoming events, links to important sites, and general TDS news.

March Talented Tornadoes:  KC – Alexander and Ben; KM – Zoe

March Birthdays:  KC – Vanessa (6th);  KM – Zoe (27th)

Highlights from last week: 

The week before Spring Break was both busy and exciting!  We studied St. Patrick’s Day by reading stories, playing games and making crafts.  We also began getting ready for Spring by making a craft to decorate our hallways.  Be sure to check it out when you come for our Publishing Parties on the morning of the 30th!

For Mindfulness we read a book called Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry Lee Maclean.  We learned about how those same piggies who helped us learn some yoga moves also take time to focus on their breathing and feel calm when everything around them feels busy.

In Math, we began counting on and back with numbers up to 20.  We also began finding differences using our fingers and number lines.  On Tuesday, Mr. Norry worked with both Kindergarten classes together to teach us more about the number pi.  We learned new vocabulary words: “circumference” and “diameter.”  We also began discovering patterns in our March calendar cards.  We noticed that the patterns all involve growing numbers of ladybugs. 

In Writing Workshop, we learned that comparisons make it easier for our readers to make pictures in their minds.  We also learned that we should include introductions and conclusions with our information writing to make it more interesting to our readers.  We continued learning new lowercase letters during Handwriting. 

The highlight of the week was the TDS Pi Contest!  We were very proud of our Kindergarten representatives.  They both did a fantastic job — one of them was the Lower School winner and got to “pie” Mr. Norry in the face!

Mindful Challenge: Try to find a quiet moment to focus on your breathing at home.

This week in kindergarten….

“Popcorn Words” – review week

Reading – book groups

Writers workshop – How To books

Math – Making patterns, number facts to 10, composing and decomposing numbers to 20

Social Studies – Women’s History Month

Science – Building things

Special Announcements:

TDS International Festival – On Friday, March 31st, TDS is having our annual International Festival to celebrate all the different backgrounds and cultures of our families. This year we are going to have mini-workshops for students to explore cultures through hands-on experiences.  After a whole school assembly, groups of students will be rotating through the workshops.  In order for us to create authentic experiences, we need your help!  We are looking for facilitators to teach groups about a country or region through music, art, dance, cooking, language, or other mediums.

Our students love experiencing different types of food from many cultures, so we will continue that tradition by having an International Café. If you are able to bring an authentic food item or are interested in being a manager at our International Café, please let us know!

Volunteers will be needed for a variety of purposes: not only facilitators and International Café managers, but also tour guides to help groups smoothly transition from workshop to workshop as well as for set-up and tear-down.

We look forward to seeing the celebration of diversity during the International Festival at TDS!

Workshop Ideas…

  • Art styles from a specific culture
  • Culture, cuisine, and travel in another country
  • Music and dancing
  • Practicing writing your name in a different language
  • Special leisure or sporting activities from another country
  • Traditional clothing
  • Folk tales or storytelling from different traditions

Please click here to submit a workshop proposal.

Please click here to bring food.

Please click here to be a helping hand.

JUST TRYAN IT Kids Triathlon: Swim, bike, and run for a great cause! JUST TRYAN IT financially supports families fighting childhood cancer in the Triangle area. May 21 at Chapel Hill Country Club, for all abilities, ages 6-16. Register TODAY! In 2016, over 200 students participated and helped raise $80,000+. Volunteers needed. Watch this short video or visit our website for more information.

Share Calendar – The month of March is a free share.  You can download your class’ March Share Schedule below:

For KC, please click here.
For KM, please click here.

Mystery Reader – Please sign up to be a Mystery Reader in our class:
For KC, please click here.
For KM, please click here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or

Mrs. Cowan and Ms. Morgan


“Popcorn words” we have learned so far:

is, the, it, see, an, can, ran, go, to, we, look, do, at, are, am, in, for, or, they, on, you, all, of, but, and, like, said, by, no, he, she that, not, will, come, his, her, me, be, was, my, with, this, play, yes, so, have

Upcoming Events

March 31st – TDS International Festival and LS Music Performance with Talented Tornados at 1:00 in the gym
(sign up to bring food, volunteer or lead a workshop)

April 7th – TDS Lip Sync at 2:10 in the gym

April 14th-17th – NO SCHOOL

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does school begin for my child?

A. You are more than welcome to send your child to school as early as 7:45am. If your child arrives before 8am they will go straight to the gym for Walking Club. Walking Club is a great way for students to interact and get some energy out in the morning.


Q. When does school end for my child?

A. Students will arrive at After School Care or Car Line at 3pm. If you are picking up your child in Car Line please make sure that you arrive early or on time in order to help make dismissal as smooth as possible. If you arrive early please park in the parking lot across the street from the school. We highly encourage parents to help their child become independent with buckling themselves into their car seat.


Q. What should I pack my child for snack?

A. Here at TDS we highly encourage parents to pack 1 healthy snack for their child.


Q. How much time do the students play throughout the day?

A. We truly believe in the importance of learning through play! Students will have many chances throughout the day to interact with one another. We take many “brain breaks” and participate in energizers.  We also have designated times to play indoors and outdoors.


Q. How long is rest time, and what will my child need?

A. The students will have rest time for 30 minutes everyday. We will provide mats for each child. 


Q. What kinds of clothes should the kids wear?

A. It is very important that the students are comfortable while they are school. Please make sure that your child does not wear flip-flops for safety purposes during outdoor play. If your child is wearing a dress it is important that she wears shorts underneath.