Welcome to the KC and KM website!  Here you will find news about your children’s activities at school, reminders for upcoming events, links to important sites, and general TDS news.

April Talented Tornadoes:  KC – Peyton; KM – Olivia

April Birthdays:  KC – Alexander (23rd), Landon (25th);  KM – Jude (7th), Molly (29th), Mason (30th)

Highlights from last week: 

Last week was also short and fun.  We had three new popcorn words, so between that and continuing to find patterns in our April calendar cards we were busy during Morning Meetings! 

In Math, we made lots of comparisons.  We compared the weights and capacities of things in our rooms.  We also began studying the value of basic coins, as well as the concept of making change.

We continued studying poetry in Writing Workshop.  The focus last week was on using metaphors and similes in our poems!  We also played games to review our letters during handwriting.

For Mindfulness, we began reading a book called Master of Mindfulness: How to Be Your Own Superhero in Times of Stress.  This book was put together by a 5th Grade class studying mindfulness.  The children enjoyed hearing about how mindfulness helps other students.

Saturday was Earth Day so we spent the week getting ready!  We learned more ways to help take care of the Earth, and then we each took a pledge to help the planet by reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We also did a writing assignment where we reflected on why Earth Day is important.

Mindful Challenge: Keep practicing your mindful breathing or using a mindful jar when you are having a bad day.

This week in kindergarten….

“Popcorn Words” – help, make

Reading – book groups

Writing Workshop – poetry

Math – subtraction games and measurement review centers

Social Studies – maps

Science – Building things

Special Announcements:

The chicks are hatching in the Science Lab!  Click on the link to watch a live feed:  Webcam link

Scrips Orders:  These a way to raise money for TDS through the purchase of gift cards to your favorite retailers.  Each gift card purchase = money for the school as we receive a percentage of each purchase from Scrip.  Last fall, we raised $656!  You can use them to pay for items and services you already buy (i.e. groceries, clothing, meals at restaurants) or gift the cards as holiday, birthday or graduation presents.  Scrip gift cards are the same as you would purchase directly from the retailer.  They are purchased at face value — no fees are involved.  They do not expire and there is no minimum order.   To order: Please click here for the order form; you need to submit it with a check payable to Triangle Day School — PA to the front office no later than 9:00am on May 1.  We will notify you when we have the cards in hand just a few days later.

JUST TRYAN IT Kids Triathlon: Swim, bike, and run for a great cause! JUST TRYAN IT financially supports families fighting childhood cancer in the Triangle area. May 21 at Chapel Hill Country Club, for all abilities, ages 6-16. Register TODAY! In 2016, over 200 students participated and helped raise $80,000+. Volunteers needed. Watch this short video or visit our website for more information.

Share Calendar – We are each sharing our favorite poem and why it is our favorite for the month of April.  (Poems do not need to be memorized and a teacher can read it if needed.)  You can download your class’ April Share Schedule below:

For KC, please click here.
For KM, please click here.

Mystery Reader – Please sign up to be a Mystery Reader in our class:
For KC, please click here.
For KM, please click here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or

Mrs. Cowan and Ms. Morgan


“Popcorn words” we have learned so far:

is, the, it, see, an, can, ran, go, to, we, look, do, at, are, am, in, for, or, they, on, you, all, of, but, and, like, said, by, no, he, she that, not, will, come, his, her, me, be, was, my, with, this, play, yes, so, have, what, out, your, good, has, as, had, get, from, new

Upcoming Events

April 28th – Jump Rope for Heart

May 1 – Scrips orders are due

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does school begin for my child?

A. You are more than welcome to send your child to school as early as 7:45am. If your child arrives before 8am they will go straight to the gym for Walking Club. Walking Club is a great way for students to interact and get some energy out in the morning.


Q. When does school end for my child?

A. Students will arrive at After School Care or Car Line at 3pm. If you are picking up your child in Car Line please make sure that you arrive early or on time in order to help make dismissal as smooth as possible. If you arrive early please park in the parking lot across the street from the school. We highly encourage parents to help their child become independent with buckling themselves into their car seat.


Q. What should I pack my child for snack?

A. Here at TDS we highly encourage parents to pack 1 healthy snack for their child.


Q. How much time do the students play throughout the day?

A. We truly believe in the importance of learning through play! Students will have many chances throughout the day to interact with one another. We take many “brain breaks” and participate in energizers.  We also have designated times to play indoors and outdoors.


Q. How long is rest time, and what will my child need?

A. The students will have rest time for 30 minutes everyday. We will provide mats for each child. 


Q. What kinds of clothes should the kids wear?

A. It is very important that the students are comfortable while they are school. Please make sure that your child does not wear flip-flops for safety purposes during outdoor play. If your child is wearing a dress it is important that she wears shorts underneath.